Ah, the Democrats…always pretending they’re the paragons of progressivism and inclusivity. But behind the facade lies a deep-seated fear: young and black voters might just not toe the party line in 2024. Shocking, isn’t it? Apparently, these groups have been dabbling in wrong-think, leaning towards that orange menace, Trump.

Say it ain’t so, Joe. After all he’s done for them too – bringing inflation, crime, limited job opportunities, illegal aliens into their cities and more. They are just not as thankful as they should be.

Aaron Strauss, an influential data scientist and the bearer of bad news for the Dems, sent shockwaves through Democratic circles recently with his confidential memo urging big donors to steer clear of registering young and black voters. Why? Because they might just commit the cardinal sin of voting for Trump. The horror!

For decades, Democrats and their allies have been on a voter registration crusade, especially among people of color and the youth, thinking they had them in their back pocket. But oh, how the tables have turned! Turns out, those unregistered folks aren’t playing by the Democratic playbook anymore. They’re drifting towards the GOP faster than you can say “identity politics.”

Old Man Joe’s waning connection with the younger generation is largely attributed to his stance on Israel and Palestine – an issue he’s attempting to address, albeit not swiftly or harshly enough for many, who perceive his approach as insufficiently anti-Semitic.

Give it up, Joe – you probably won’t be able to win over the Dearborn voters who are chanting, “Death to America, Death to Israel!”

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But the Biden campaign doesn’t seem too bothered by all this doom and gloom. They’re operating under the assumption that everything will magically sort itself out, that those alarming drops in support among base voters will just disappear into thin air.

Plus they’ve always got abortion. People seem to be far more interested in the right to kill babies than worrying about getting mugged, how much it costs to fill up their gas tanks, if an illegal alien molests their daughter or if a transgender (man) will show up in their bathroom.