From advocating for Black Lives Matter to championing “Hamas Lives Matter,” the Democratic Party has consistently aligned itself with various protests – mostly organized for political gain including their “Occupy Wall Street” days during the Obama presidency and Bernie Sanders’ supporters targeting Trump supporters at his rallies.

From pro-Palestinian to pro-Hamas.

Now, their protesting has evolved into a blatant display of anti-semitism on college campuses nationwide, revealing the consequences of promoting anti-American, anti- Israel, and communist ideologies in educational institutions. This indoctrination has led to a cohort of sympathetic leftists who actually support Hamas.

They started out being pro-Palestinian (or so they said) and have now evolved into talking about the end of Israel and Zionists.

The anti-Israel movement is currently also anti-Biden.

This protest differs in its disconnect from electoral strategy; unlike previous demonstrations, it doesn’t seem aimed at garnering votes. Instead, it opposes Biden’s pro-Israel stance, as evidenced by “uncommitted” votes against him in Democratic primaries.

The anti-Israel contingency in the Democratic Party continues to protest Biden, even at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend where they slammed members of the media who were arriving for the event.

Calling out the president while he remains wishy-washy.

The pro-Hamas folks lined the street chanting “Shame on you” to the guests who apparently don’t like their press buddies cavorting with the DC elites. They also chanted “F*** Joe Biden.”

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Seeing a loss of support from his anti-semitic base, especially in Michigan, Biden continues to straddle the line, condemning both anti-Semitic protests and those critical of the Palestinians.

White privileged females and imported foreigners comprise the protester base.

With tensions escalating, anti-Israel sentiments are permeating college campuses, primarily fueled by many white, privileged females but also the anti-American elements. Reports also indicate the presence of “outsiders,” likely funded by leftist organizations, such as those associated with George Soros.

These protests have unveiled the true agenda behind their initial pro-Palestine facade, revealing a deep-seated anti-Israel and anti-semitic sentiment. The brazen rhetoric, including calls for the demise of Zionists, underscores their true intentions.

This protest, however, will most likely be limited in time as no one will pay much attention to them when students break for the summer. The leftist will have to come up with something new to protest before the election or start this one up again in the fall.