Looking to hire an employee who’s not a felon? That’s a bad thing according to the Biden administration – even though the government (and schools as well as many other groups) do background checks and criminal checks and drug tests and social media screening and all kinds of other stuff before hiring employees.

Democrats have their sights set on convenience store chain for racist criminal checks.

But in this case, it’s a convenience store called Sheetz that is getting a hard look by the Biden administration – which leads me to believe they are either Republican donors, Trump supporters or have been outspoken against Biden or the Democrats.

In the case of Sheetz, the Biden administration is suing Sheetz convenience stores over what they call discriminatory (racist) hiring practices.

According to Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Sheetz is in hot water for supposedly violating federal law by rejecting job applicants based on their criminal history.

The Biden administration are the folks coming from a racist viewpoint.

Sounds to me that it’s the Biden administration who is racist. Why are they assuming that it’s the Black applicants who are the criminals???

The whole thing isn’t sitting well with some prominent black conservatives, who are giving Biden and his crew a good old-fashioned tongue-lashing.

Pushback against lawsuit from Black conservatives.

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Republican Utah Congressman Burgess Owens didn’t hold back, scoffing at the notion that everything, even a business’s decision not to hire ex-cons, is now labeled racist. He suggests Biden should check his own “soft bigotry of low expectations” before jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Owens said to the Daily Caller, “The Democrats think everything is racist, even a business choosing not to hire individuals with a criminal record. If Joe Biden wants to end racial discrimination, he should confront his own soft bigotry of low expectations and drop this ridiculous lawsuit immediately.”

And Mark Robinson, North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, chimed in too, slamming the suit as “way off base.” He argues that with crime on the rise, businesses need the right

to screen potential hires for a criminal past to safeguard themselves, their staff, and their patrons.

Civil Rights Act in play.

The EEOC is wielding Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as its mighty sword, alleging racial discrimination. But hold on a second, say legal scholars, this claim might be as flimsy as a paper napkin. They point to the EEOC’s failed attempt to pull off a similar stunt back in 2014.

Sheetz disputes allegations.

Sheetz isn’t taking this sitting down. They vehemently deny any discrimination, emphasizing their commitment to diversity and inclusion. But the EEOC isn’t buying it, insisting that Sheetz’s hiring practices unfairly affect black and indigenous people.

However, the government is quick to clarify that they’re not accusing Sheetz of being racially motivated. Make sense? Not really. That is because the Democrats rarely make sense.

In addition to targeting no racial issues as racist issues, the Democrats also like to target successful businesses and Sheetz is one of them – having been ranked as the 60th best company to work for in America in 2024 according to Fortune magazine.

To the Democrats, that means they are bad people who don’t pay their “fair share” and must be punished.