If you’re genuinely curious about who’s the better president for America and who gives a hoot about the country’s well-being, let’s break down what they’re really cashing in on, shall we?

First up, good ol’ Biden, the career politician who’s been feeding off taxpayer dollars like a leech at an all-you-can-suck buffet. Seriously, the man’s made a career out of it.

So, what’s he scored over the years, especially as the big kahuna, the top dog, the POTUS with the mostest?

Power and moolah, baby. And lots of it. He’s even made the rest of his family wealthy – with the help of his drug-addicted and porn-addicted son, Hunter.

Biden is playing the political game like a pro, leveraging his position to boost his own status and line his family’s pockets. Deciphering Biden’s presidential aspirations is about as challenging as spotting a rhino in a tutu.

Then there’s Trump, the businessman who could’ve easily kicked back and counted his billions instead of diving into the swamp.

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So what did Orange Man Bad get out of being president – and what does he get out of running again?

Well, let’s tally it up, shall we?

Impeachments? Check.

Lawsuits? You betcha.

Constant ridicule? Like clockwork.

Media fabrications about him? A daily dose.

His kids getting harassed and brought into lawsuits? Regular occurrence.

Legal battles with the Dems going after everyone from Trump’s former political cronies to his business partners? Yep.

Books written about him with more fiction than a soap opera? They’re practically bestsellers. Threats of decades of prison time? Absolutely.

Democrats attempting to strip his Secret Service protection? Just another Tuesday.

Federal resources and taxpayer dollars used to target the Trumpster? Without a doubt.

Countless hours of Trump’s time wasted in courtrooms and bad photos drawn with him napping? Check.

The risk of Trump losing his property and his business empire? Yep – it’s like Monopoly, but with real consequences.

And yet, there he is, still in the ring, still slugging it out, all voluntarily. Huh.

Maybe MAGA is the goal of Donald J. Trump.

And MAGA is a far better goal than anything the Democrats or President Biden can promise or deliver.