I am confused about something I am reading and hearing more about.

Joe Biden is now in danger of missing the general election ballot in at least two states: Alabama and Ohio. But why?

The straightforward reason is that both of those states have deadlines for certified candidates to make the final ballot, but the Democrats are not even holding their convention in Chicago until the deadline has passed—meaning Joe Biden would not be on the ballot.

In fairness, Joe Biden is not going to win Ohio, which is Trump country and no longer a swing state, and Alabama has never been a swing state.

But the Democrats, of course, know the deadlines, and they tried some lame end run by asking Ohio to accept the presumptive nominees as official—but Attorney General Frank LaRose says there simply is no way to do that because there is no provision in the law for such a maneuver.

Simply put, it’s not legal—the law is the law, and the deadline is the deadline.

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So, I am exploring two possibilities. The first I considered was that the Democrats are planning to replace Joe Biden, as has been speculation among many. If that happens, it will happen at the convention—and they are stalling as late as they can to dump in a more viable candidate and throw the race into complete turmoil at the latest possible moment to sew confusion.

The other is the idea that the Democrats with their army of lawyers are setting up a scenario where they can claim they were denied fair access to the ballot in Ohio, and would have won if they were on the ballot.

There is no sensical reason—and my not trusting the Democrats on much of anything is making me wonder what they are up to.

One top Republican in the state legislature says the Biden issue will be resolved, and he will make the ballot—but again, the state’s AG says no, there are rules, and the deadline is the deadline. GOP Senate President Matt Huffman may not find many folks willing to once again let the Democrats flaunt the rules, and that brings me back to the left setting up a lawsuit to claim they were treated unfairly.

I will let you think about that one for a while—let’s move along but just a bit.

Hearing Joe talk these days makes you wonder if he will make the ballot at all.

He was telling a story the other day about his Uncle being shot down in World War Two and eaten by cannibals.

The plane his uncle was on was lost at sea, and his uncle was among those killed in the crash, according to official accounts of the incident. Joe’s uncle was not eaten for dinner by some savage band of cannibals in the South Pacific.

But it sure is a fun story for the old man to tell.

And Joe was telling heartwarming fairy tales about cannibals eating his family members while on the road campaigning to about 20 or 25 people at every stop—at least on the inside of the places he went.
On the outside, the turnout to greet the President was far greater and much more enthusiastic—just not the way the Democrats would like to see. The crowd made it clear they were not behind the sitting president.

I don’t understand why they don’t love him more—but maybe I can figure it out.

Let’s begin with today’s review of the year’s biggest issue. The assaults on our border and our sovereignty continue from every angle. Boats of illegals are coming ashore in California, opening up another front in the border crisis.

On top of this, it seems that a whole lot of illegal aliens are just not happy with all the free stuff they get by looting America.

The complaints are rolling in. They don’t like the food, and there are not 500 interpreters to coddle them every step of the way in a foreign country they came into illegally.

How awful!