So, did President Biden’s uncle really become a snack for cannibals? Not exactly, but the media won’t ever ever label Biden a liar, even when he’s as off-course as a compass in a magnetic storm. In fact, they rarely even fact-check him but his latest whopper (lie) was such a big one that they pretty much had to.

Still, they didn’t brand him a “liar.” ABC said that he was “off on details” concerning his uncle’s WWII death – and that he “misstated” a few things.

The hubbub came about during a recent Biden performance of rambling idiocy when he decided to discuss his uncle’s demise for some reason while he was in Pittsburgh.

Biden’s uncle was NOT shot down or eaten by cannibals even if the president says so.

Biden was off his rocker and spinning a yarn in Pennsylvania about his uncle, 2nd Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr., who supposedly got his ticket punched in New Guinea, after being shot down – a locale that was teeming with cannibals, according to Biden’s version of events. Biden also repeated the story earlier in the day as well.

And even though Biden says his uncle was shot down, the U.S. government has no record of hostile action – or cannibal problems.

Pentagon has records to fact-check the old man.

Yes, sorry, Biden, but the Pentagon isn’t covering your butt on this one. According to their Defense POW/MIA information, Biden’s uncle was a passenger on an Army Air Forces plane that had to ditch in the Pacific Ocean for unknown reasons off the coast of New Guinea after both engines failed. None of the men emerged from the sinking plane – so while they might have been fish fodder, they were NOT snacks for cannibals. Or monkeys – just in case he adds that into the next story he comes up with.

Biden actually said that Trump is the unfit one.

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Laughably, during the same speech, Biden said that Trump is the one who is unfit to lead the military. Yeah, right. At least Trump actually knows what a military IS.

So what details was President Dementia “off” on? Nothing important. Just a few facts: no, his uncle wasn’t shot down and no, he wasn’t eaten by cannibals.

Yes, the truth is a bit less sensational than the story that Old Man Biden is telling. The U.S. government’s records on missing service members don’t even hint at a menu featuring Uncle Finnegan – so it seems Biden’s storytelling prowess might be better suited for bedtime tales than historical recounts.

Biden is sensitive says press secretary. Don’t shame him.

Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, had to admit that Biden’s uncle died in a plane crash, not in a shoot-down and no, he wasn’t eaten by cannibals.

But the lie is not the issue, according to the storyteller’s press secretary. It’s Biden’s great personality and love for his uncle that should be the focus. She said, “You saw the president, he was incredibly proud of his uncle’s service in uniform. You saw him at the War Memorial. It was incredibly emotional and important to him…You saw him respond to all of you when asked about the moment yesterday and his uncle who lost his life when the military aircraft he was on crashed in the Pacific after taking off near New Guinea…”

Yes, Biden is a very incredibly emotional…LYING PIECE OF CRAP. And that’s no joke.

Next time, Mr. President, don’t bite off more than you can chew and stick to your lies about your pay- to-play schemes with your son, Hunter.