If you think you’ll be cruising in your trusty gas-powered vehicle for years to come, think again. Not if the Democrats stay in charge of the government.

Transportation Secretary doesn’t want you to transport unless it’s an EV.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the elitist mouthpiece for Biden’s wild electric vehicle schemes, is pushing a ludicrous agenda that would have us all ditching our beloved gas guzzlers for pricey electric vehicles within a mere decade.

And if you’re not on board? Tough luck, according to Buttigieg.

Buttigieg was on Fox News recently mocking Americans who balk at the idea of shelling out big bucks for electric cars (and equipping their garages for chargers). He compared their resistance to those who resisted the shift to cell phones in the early 2000s, as they clung onto their landlines.

Dems don’t like “choice” for anyone unless it has to do with abortion.

But unlike cell phones, which were a choice, the Biden administration’s plan is a heavy-handed mandate that will leave many struggling to keep pace.

But Democrats don’t care.

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Despite dwindling interest in electric vehicles, Buttigieg insists that we’re barreling towards an all-EV future, painting a picture of doom if we don’t hop on the electric bandwagon.

Buying an EV for most is not affordable.

But what he and the rest of the elitist tyrannical Democrats fail to acknowledge is the astronomical costs and logistical nightmares that come with this forced transition.

But Democrats don’t care.

It’s Trump’s fault. Isn’t it always?!

Buttigieg’s condescending rhetoric doesn’t stop there though. He takes a jab at the Trump administration, blaming them for allowing China to gain an edge in the EV market. Yet, instead of addressing the concerns of everyday Americans, Buttigieg doubles down on the elitist agenda, pushing for more EV production on American soil.

However, reality is starkly different from Buttigieg’s utopian vision – as it often is concerning anything that the Democrats are pushing.

Reality gets in the way of the Democrats again.

Sales of Teslas and other electric vehicles are plummeting, with Wall Street anticipating the first decline in Tesla sales in four years. In fact, a recent article about Tesla by CNBC says that the company could go bust soon.

However, despite this, Democrats forge ahead with their anti-gas agenda, with at least eight states planning to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars within the next decade.

These states, led by California and followed by others like Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York, are marching in lockstep with Biden’s grand plan to phase out gas cars by 2032.

Hang onto your old cars, people!

This heavy-handed approach leaves little room for choice, mandating that only zero-emission vehicles can be sold from 2035 onwards. What that means is that the gas guzzlers will be collector’s items soon, costing everyone a pretty plenty.

Right now, America is on a road to nowhere.

But Democrats don’t care.