Listen to what I am going to say.

Go ahead and write it down, and hold me accountable.

I’ve said from the beginning that Ukraine is not going to win this war—and no matter how much money the US Congress steals from taxpayers to squander in Eastern Europe, it will make no difference.

After Ukraine loses the war to Russia and two or three provinces on the eastern end of the country have joined Russia again—the big bills are going to start coming.

Just wait until the US Congress decides to send $500 billion to let Blackrock, State Street, and some of these other companies rebuild Ukraine.

And all the while, the southern border here will remain wide open. Cities like Denver and New York will be overrun and tapped out.

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Look at what’s already happening in the Mile High City—the police are being defunded along with all kinds of city services to make sure they can pay for the illegals.

Do you think Denver could have used some of that $61 billion headed to Ukraine, $28 billion to Israel, and billions more we are spending on Taiwan, and God only knows what else?

Could we have used some of the $95 billion this bill shipped overseas to build a border wall or put more actual enforcement officers on the border?
How about stopping the flow of fentanyl or the exploitation of little kids as sex slaves? Maybe that would be a better investment for our once-great nation.

I’m sorry that Ukraine has a hostile neighbor. The last time I looked, though, Russia was not the one causing us the most concern—that was China. The same China and Chinese Communist Party that is flooding drugs over our border and buying two million barrels of oil a day from Iran—funding that regime that, in turn, is funding Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthi terrorist organizations.

When was the last time Russia or one of its proxies got into a shooting war with the United States?

And yet, the Democrats who claim to be peaceful and the Republicans who claim to be smart are all being morons and warmongers.

This is a monumental failure of leadership, from the White House to the Speaker of the House. Trust me, in a couple of days, you will see that the Senate Republicans are no better—they will sell you a bill of goods too, and tell you “We got em to stop Tik Tok!”

Yeah, that’s not a very good deal, guys. Remember, we were promised over and over again that this would not happen—we would not send a nickel more until our border was taken care of.

How can any of us take any of them seriously anymore? They look at you and make promises that they break by the time the sun sets. It’s so bad that many of them don’t even know what they are voting for or what is actually going on.
But hey, the supporters of this travesty are bragging about how much money this will mean for America.

So, they will pass these massive spending bills for other countries and then claim it’s great for America because we will be building the bombs and bullets and missiles getting shipped over there—I mean, that is a fancy way of justifying corporate welfare, huh?

Now, as I said, this has warmongers on all sides celebrating—I would guess Dick Cheney is celebrating the latest robbery of American taxpayers to enrich the military-industrial complex and continue to stoke the flames of war wherever they can turn a profit.

But what about Donald Trump? I thought he was against this kind of thing, but some are now claiming he was an architect of this deal behind the scenes and was pushing the idea of making it a loan and not a gift.

I will be very interested in how that turns out and what is true concerning the former president’s position and possible involvement in the whole push to fund Kiev.