The border has become the defining issue of the 2024 election—at least at this point in the conversation.

Images of illegals running over border guards and ramming through fences just to get arrested and released are dominating the news cycle.

Hotels in New York City are used as staging areas for illegals to live, and airports are converted into shelters, while cities like Denver say there is no more room at the inn offering bus tickets or plane tickets to the Canadian border.

Then, when people hear about Laken Riley being brutally beaten to death in the middle of the day at the University of Georgia, people begin to get scared. Suburban moms stop worrying about personalities and start worrying about their safety and the safety of their children.

And when moms start worrying, you see a shift in people’s attitudes.

Tuesday saw this headline in a Michigan paper:

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“Shiawassee Sheriff says 3 illegals arrested for soliciting children for sex” and “Oakland County Sheriff warns illegals are targeting high-end homes for burglary.”

And when news spread about another young woman, Ruby Garcia, gunned down inside her car before being dumped along the highway inside Grand Rapids, it all began to pile up. Everyone is now seeing that the crime and the chaos are getting closer to home.
And with that growing border crisis consuming conversations across the nation, Donald Trump boarded his plane and headed to Grand Rapids.

I was with him there on Tuesday as he was flanked by sheriff’s deputies and members of Congress who say this ongoing destruction of our border, our security, and very possibly our future must be stopped.

Trump says when he returns to the Oval Office, job one will be securing the border and protecting America.

The death of Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids has triggered an outcry that enough is enough. Kent County is among the critical counties in America that can decide who becomes president. As the Biden Administration continues to claim the border is safe and under control—it seems they don’t know what is happening.

The illegal migrant crime wave is certainly not isolated to Michigan—it is a grass fire in a strong wind!

That’s what happens when you let in millions of illegals and fail to vet most of them. You open the door to violent criminals we know nothing about.

And calling Democrats tone-deaf on the border would be far too polite. John Kirby said talking about Ruby Garcia or Laken Riley is just a bumper sticker attack on the Biden Administration when, in reality, the open border is an open declaration of war on our entire country and our future.

In the end, I think everyone gets it.