Stopping Joe Biden’s Border Bloodbath—that should be the most important thing to just about anyone who is paying attention to what is happening right now all over America.

There is nothing that threatens our sovereignty, our personal safety, our national security, or our future.
The open border—which is clearly the policy of the Biden Administration —is an existential threat to our Republic.

Many people and organizations in this country are pushing and promoting it. It is the play for a one-party socialist state within a couple of years—one that will adhere to the United Nations Agenda 30 even more than it is today. It is the push to secure the goals of not only The United Nations but also the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.

None of these entities, including the American government, care about you or your family at all—you are irrelevant to them.

That is why, starting in the near future, we are going to be discussing ways to prepare for an uncertain future. No, I am not going to tell you to stock up on 10,000 cans of fruits and vegetables, but I am going to discuss how to be ready when things really start hitting the fan.

Believe me when I tell you that these are the good old days. I have said that in the past, but can you even remember what 2018 was like before we had the global pandemic scam?

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What do you think today when you see somebody walking around the grocery store, or worse, walking down the sidewalk with a mask on? I feel sorry for someone who is that stupid and angry that someone is so pliable and willing to surrender everything in the false pursuit of some security that doesn’t actually exist.

How do you destroy a country? How do you destroy America?

Well, the biggest key is that wide open border.
While you’re opening the border—let the poison flow freely. Powerful drugs that act more like rat poison to 125,000 people a year—and growing.

Have the American taxpayers pick up the bill for the millions of ‘newcomers’ and continue to run up the biggest debt in world history so you can destroy the currency and eradicate the middle class.

Make terrible deals with countries that hate us, like Iran and China, while kicking dirt in the face of allies like Israel. Destroy world alliances and claim new allies like Ukraine, which are among the most corrupt and self-serving in history.

Start to reinforce the idea that the most critical thing is your skin color. Make identity politics central to all you do. Demonize and marginalize anyone who speaks up against such stupidity and insanity—make sure that the villains and the victims are clearly defined.

Make sure that people are elevated and rewarded, not for what they do and how valuable they are to society, but based on skin color, gender, and sexual preference, as long as it is not heterosexual.

Make sure that you elevate sexual deviance and dismantle the traditional nuclear family so you can make clear that there are no rules, no guidelines, and no guardrails.
Destroy the rule of law and make sure all the cops are criminals and all the sinners are saints.

Demonize all people of faith—begin with Christians and Jews. Make them the biggest enemies of all and beat them into the shadows—then eradicate all faiths.

Disregard long-respected rules for law and order—excuse the worst among us and the most violent. Release them without bail and blame the victims—especially if they are white, male, and Christian.

Use the legal system to destroy by way of lawfare.

Make sure the necessities of life are scarce and make people feel guilty for wanting food, clothing, and energy. Make them hard to get.

Control all the messaging. Make propaganda come from all sources—news, movies, sports, TV, music, and social media. Make it seem seamless, so if anyone strays, they can be cut off and ostracized.

These are some of the steps that are already happening—or are going to happen—but there are more. I give credit to Victor Davis Hansen and Jordan Peterson for inspiring me to think more clearly about what we are up against and how we go about defeating the real tyrants.

You know, the ones that scream about fascism while conducting themselves as fascists.

We are still a free country, but if we don’t right this ship soon, I cannot say how much more time is on the clock.