Just think about it… in the name of equity and diversity and inclusion and “helping” the marginalized and the poor, the Democrats have come up with things like abortion and defund the police – which have resulted in the deaths of a staggering number of Black people in our country.

How is Trump gaining Black support?

But the Democrats don’t care as long as Black people keep voting for them. Right now, they’re a little freaked out that Trump has about 17% voting support from the Black community according to a GenForward survey.

So in order to show that they “care” about the Black community, they come up with catch phrases like “equity” and “DEI” – but it’s all a marketing scam. Democrats don’t really care about Black “lives.”

Boston hospital won’t be reporting babies born with drugs in their systems anymore.

Case in point: a Boston hospital, Mass General Brigham, is now turning a blind eye to babies born with drugs in their system and are not turning in their drug-addicted parents. Why? Because the high incidence of child neglect by Black mothers who show up at the hospital under the influence of drugs happens at a “disproportionate” rate according to a story by Hot Air.

It’s a class move from the leftists. When there’s a choice between the health and safety of babies or children vs. the convenience of adults, guess who gets thrown under the bus every time? Yup – the kids.

So Black lives can matter sometimes when there is a choice to be made about which ones are meaningful, but apparently only if those individuals are past a certain age – the voting age.

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So, what’s a Boston hospital’s brilliant solution to a child being born to an unfit mom? Ignore it. They’ve decided they’d rather turn a blind eye to newborns testing positive for drugs than face the music and report suspected neglect or abuse to the authorities.

Abuse and neglect not a “thing” anymore at Boston hospital.

Yep, the hospital won’t be reporting suspected abuse or neglect to the state anymore just because a baby tests positive for drugs after they are born. Instead, they will require written consent from the mom before doing any testing – as if that’s gonna happen.

Bostons’ Mass General Brigham, in a stunning display of woke virtue signaling, justifies this nonsense by waving the banner of “racial and ethnic inequities” in healthcare.

What about the welfare of the baby? Seriously, do we even have to ask? Democrats have never cared much about the welfare of ANY baby – much less a Black baby which is evident by how many Planned Parenthood abortion clinics that Democrats open in minority communities.

In a sane world, it wouldn’t matter if a mother were White, Black, or Purple. If you’re pumping your body full of drugs while pregnant, you probably shouldn’t be entrusted with the responsibility of raising a child. But hey, who cares about common sense when you’ve got Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to worry about?

A sad start out in life.

Forget about the safety of infants; forget about the potential harm these children might endure growing up in an environment where their primary caregiver is high as a kite. Let’s just sweep it all under the rug because God forbid we confront uncomfortable truths.

A spokesperson for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services said in an email, “We are committed to reducing stigma and promoting health equity, especially for those affected by substance use disorder. Substance exposure alone does not automatically equate to abuse and neglect, and we will continue working with the advocacy community to determine what support an individual needs and how they can best access them.”

All in the name of equity and anti-racism.

And there’s also Dr. Sarah Wakeman, senior medical director for substance use disorder, with her pearls of wisdom. Apparently, a positive drug test doesn’t tell you anything about someone’s ability to parent. Of course not, because nothing says “responsible parenting” like being strung out on buprenorphine.

Yes, for the leftists, protecting the fragile egos of drug-addicted adults is more important than ensuring the safety and well-being of innocent infants. But hey, as long as they can sleep soundly at night knowing they’re not racist, what harm has been done?