In part one of this series, I discussed a poll about how Americans are NOT happy about all the crimes being committed by illegal aliens.

This article exposes the fact that the Biden administration is letting people in the country with KNOWN criminal backgrounds, let alone the ones who might be considering committing crimes once they get to America.

Homeland Security knows about over 600,000 criminal illegal aliens who were let into the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is apparently playing a thrilling game of “Where’s Waldo?” with over 600,000 migrants who’ve graced the U.S. with their criminal presence. Yes, to be exact it’s 617,000 foreigners with criminal histories known to have entered the U.S. in recent years who have a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges.

Known to have entered the U.S.? If that was the case, why were they let in? And why haven’t they been deported? But I digress because that’s just a question that has its origins based in common sense – something our government is in short supply of.

Hearing on public safety falls on deaf ears.

Glenn Grothman, the head honcho of the House National Security, Border, and Foreign Affairs subcommittee, held a hearing recently titled “How the Border Crisis Impacts Public Safety” to discuss this debacle.

Last week’s subcommittee hearing included Sheriff Bill Waybourn from Tarrant County, Texas, and Sheriff Mike Chapman from Loudoun County, Virginia, along with former acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

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Witness Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn said in his opening statement that he advocated for the allocation of resources to the border to curb what he depicted as the perils of permitting unchecked migration across the border.

Murder, child sexual assault and more… all okay with the Democrats.

In written testimony, Waybourn said, “These crimes include murder, sex assault of children, victimization of the elderly, and the list goes on. These offenders, which many are gang members and outlaws, have left nothing untouched. While I do not necessarily think these aliens have a higher crime rate, just the fact these people are illegal in our country and committed crimes is the impact.”

Grothman said, “The solutions aren’t hard. Secure the border, stop releasing illegal aliens into the country in droves, and when an illegal alien commits a crime in the community, turn them over to ICE, enforce the law, and remove them from the United States.”

NBC News chimed about the issue last September, revealing that DHS’s Inspector General found their ability to keep tabs on these migrants post-release was about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. So when the DHS tells us that the illegal aliens are being “monitored”, they really aren’t.