The left’s mantra of “diversity” appears appealing in theory but unveils unsettling realities in practice. Democrats, in the name of fairness, release habitual criminals back into society, not caring about the risks posed to public safety.

Moreover, their lax border policies welcome criminals, terrorists, and other adversaries into the country, prioritizing potential future votes over national security.

The consequences are dire: a surge of discontented individuals from various backgrounds, some resorting to criminal activities, while others openly express hostility towards America and align with its adversaries like Hamas and Iran.

Ironically, the Democratic vision of diversity may well be our undoing. Their expenditure of taxpayer funds on illegal aliens, while neglecting crucial sectors like veterans’ welfare, police, or national defense, exemplifies their skewed priorities.

Central to their narrative is a callous disregard for human life. While Biden and his supporters feign concern for specific demographics, their true motive lies in getting their votes and winning elections.

Dems exploit issues like racial injustice or LGBTQ+ rights not out of genuine empathy but as political tools to garner votes and antagonize Republicans.

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Most egregious is their stance on abortion, where the right to terminate unborn lives is elevated above all else.

The Democratic party’s willingness to prioritize abortion rights over everything else speaks volumes about their moral bankruptcy, echoed by their voters who endorse their callous worldview.

In the end, the undoing of the United States will most likely be by the hands of Democrats.