The Arizona Supreme Court has handed an absolute gift to Democrats across the country who wish to weaponize abortion in a year when they have nothing going for them.

Arizona’s highest court upheld a law from 1864 that outlaws abortion almost entirely, with a single exception to save the life of the mother.

Arizona pro-abortion activists have already been crafting a ballot initiative to put abortion rights into the state constitution. Supporters say they already have 500,000 signatures to secure its place on the ballot—far more than they need.

This law, 160 years old, was implemented during the first territorial government—almost 50 years before Arizona even became a state.

However, the impact in 2024 cannot be overstated.

As we have seen in states like Michigan and Ohio, one blue and one red, abortion will still win the day by wide margins even when those laws go way beyond what people are comfortable with.

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In Michigan and Ohio, abortions are now legal up to the moment of birth and on demand because of ballot initiatives.

The decision comes one day after President Trump outlined his position that abortion is a state issue.
Abortion advocates jumped on that, saying “radical” abortion policy is what you get when you leave things up to the states.
Abortion as a state issue is where President Trump has always been, and it was his platform back in 2016.

President Trump was also spot on when he said how far the Democrats would be willing to go in pursuit of terminating a child on the way to trying to win elections.

He called out just how barbaric Democrats were willing to be—and boy, he is like a prophet some days, predicting during a 2016 presidential debate that abortion at nine months is the end goal of Democrat abortion policies.

And one bit of warning for the pro-abortion forces in Arizona. Before you get carried away—most people find abortion less and less acceptable the longer a pregnancy carries on.

But having heard that, I direct your attention back to Michigan—because I have first-hand knowledge of what is likely to happen.

First, the Democrats and their Planned Parenthood supporters will spend tens of millions of dollars to push their agenda, and pro-life groups will get buried in money with no chance to compete.

I don’t know why it is, but pro-life groups can never come anywhere near the fundraising of those who want to terminate babies in the womb—it is a sad fact of life.

Another fact is that otherwise apathetic voters will turn out in massive numbers just to cast a ballot on that one issue. It’s strange to me that they will look past an open border, grocery prices that are up 30%, and an explosion in violent crime as long as they can cast a ballot in favor of abortion.
If nothing changes between now and election day, Arizona is almost certainly not in play and will turn blue for Joe Biden. It’s almost certain that a pro-life candidate like Kari Lake has no chance of winning the Senate seat.

The 1864 Arizona law stipulates up to five years in prison for performing or helping to perform an abortion.

Kamala Harris said, “Arizona has just rolled back the clock to a time before women could vote… and by his own admission, there is just one person responsible, and that is Donald Trump.”

That is going to hit home with single-issue abortion voters.

Having said that, there is one outside chance for Arizona Republicans to right the ship—and that is to nullify the law altogether.

There is a precedent from 2021 when a law from the same era was repealed that required a woman to be jailed just for seeking an abortion.

However, I spoke to one long-time Arizona lawmaker who said there is almost no chance of that.
I warn the Republicans of Arizona that if you refuse to repeal the law from 1864 as soon as possible, you will get destroyed in November. You will lose the State House, the State Senate, and possibly many more.

All or none does not work with voters—it is rejected everywhere.
If there is a train loaded with innocent people headed to Auschwitz, and you have a chance to save 20%, do you do it? Or do you say it’s all or none? Sadly, when you do that, the train pulls out of the station, and you save none.

I am hopeful that Republicans in Arizona are smart enough to stop the train by repealing that law from 1864 and hopefully stop the abortion up to the moment of birth initiative that is now on the tracks.

I also hope that this terrible miscalculation won’t cost the rest of us those 11 electoral votes that are so critical to winning the White House.

Are there any pragmatists left anymore?