What’s up with all these outages lately? Fox News freezing on DISH, AT&T having a 12- hour nationwide meltdown (oops, did someone forget to pay the intergalactic bill?), and Instagram and Facebook taking a siesta.

Oh, and let’s not forget the LinkedIn crash – because apparently, even the professional networking site needed a break from our collective chaos.

The AT&T fiasco was a real nail-biter, disrupting 9-1-1 service and prompting the New York Attorney General to launch an investigation. According to Attorney General James, it wasn’t just an inconvenience; it was downright dangerous.

These days, folks are paying more attention to the website Down Detector than they are to the Drudge Report or Taylor Swift’s X account.

The real drama is figuring out what is going on. Is it aliens, government shenanigans, or just your typical corporate incompetence?

Is it a meteor shower, satellite malfunction, space junk, China, Russia, or perhaps a glitchy welcome party for our extraterrestrial overlords?

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Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the Democrats flexing their outage muscles, preparing us for a grand spectacle on November 5th. Because what better way to test their election day tactics than making us shrug off internet and cell phone chaos as the new normal when they shut us all down?

It’s like a twisted game of “Guess Who?” – only this time, the culprits might be closer than we think, and they’re not wearing a red hat.