There was a mass shooting near a city bus stop in Philadelphia last week that injured eight Northeast High School students. Did you hear about it? Probably not.

Every other time there’s a mass shooting, the Democrats and the mainstream media drone on about it for days, demanding gun control.

I first saw a report on the story from Andy Ngô’s social media account on X:

Eight children injured.

As Ngô points out, the shooting, which injured eight children last week, wasn’t covered wall-to-wall by the leftist media like most mass shootings are. In fact, I didn’t see it covered anywhere.

Why did the mainstream media ignore the story?

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So why wasn’t this story covered by the national media? Is it because the suspects are Black? Or is it because the victims are Black or Latino and the media just doesn’t care?

Was this just another day in the life of a minority community? Is that why the drive-by media is ignoring what happened?

Four suspects fire about 30 shots.

For those who missed the story, gunfire rang out on March 6th around 3 pm in the afternoon as the students were getting onto a city SEPTA bus near a Dunkin’ Donuts after classes at their Philadelphia high school. The school is accessed by the SEPTA bus routes.

Three of the shooters exited what the police say was a stolen Hyundai and fired more than 30 shots, obviously not caring much about innocent bystanders.

Injured students are teenagers.

The injured students are between the ages of 15 and 17-years-old – seven boys and one girl. A 16- year-old boy, the intended target, was shot nine times and was hospitalized in critical condition. Police say that all victims are now in stable condition.

The Philadelphia press says that U.S. Marshals are still looking for the fourth suspect, a 17-year-old, who was involved in the shooting. The other three suspects are in custody. Two of them are 18 and one is a 19-year-old.

Also assisting the Philly police in the investigation are the ATF and FBI.

The race of victims and suspects shouldn’t be a deciding factor in covering a shooting.

In the wake of this tragic event, we’re left pondering why the mainstream media chose to overlook it. Is it a reflection of a deeper societal indifference toward minority communities or just not wanting to report the race of the suspects?

Regardless of the reasons, what remains imperative is not just acknowledging the incident, but also addressing the underlying issues that perpetuate such violence. Every life impacted by senseless acts like this deserves recognition, and every community deserves justice and support.

It’s time for us all to ensure that no tragedy, regardless of where it occurs or who it affects, goes unnoticed or unaddressed.