It’s not very professional to swear all the time. Especially if you are supposed to be running a state with a population of about ten million. But it seems to be Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s forte.

Her specialty. Her strength. Her expertise.

The damn roads.

First, she started with talk of fixing the “damn roads” when she ran for governor of the state back in 2018.

Fighting like Hell for abortion.

That transferred over to her “fighting like Hell” for abortion rights for women in Michigan during her second gubernatorial campaign in 2022.

If you head over to social media platform X and type in “fight like hell whitmer,” brace yourself for a barrage of comments where she seems to have a Ph.D. in swearing. Her penchant for profanity is an ongoing saga, with even the latest remarks laced with colorful language.

In fact, Gov. Whitmer likes the word “Hell” so much that the political action committee (PAC) she started is called the “Gretchen Whitmer Fight Like Hell PAC.”

Unprofessional Whitmer swears everywhere.

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And Growling Gretchen doesn’t just swear on her personal social media sites or during interviews either. She’ll do it in official communications as well including press releases like this one.

During her 2024 State of the State speech, she said, “Every Michigander deserves a classic Michigan story—you work hard, follow your dreams, and build a great life. When you get knocked down, you get up again. You keep fighting. That’s what makes us special. Hell, just look at our Lions…”

Also in the speech, Gov. W said that rent is “too damn high” and talked about “fixing the damn roads.”

Yes, “Hell” and “damn” seem to be her go-to words for expressing herself.

An opportunity for good as she continues to use vulgar language…

While Growling Gretch’s use of profanity continues, one might wonder why she’s decided to turn her governance into a stand-up comedy routine and a state pastime. To appeal to younger voters? To get a few laughs? The motive behind the cursing is unknown.

Perhaps a swear jar on Little Miss Potty Mouth’s desk could be used fund the much- awaited road repairs, given her penchant for colorful language.

It would be about damn time.