It looks like the king of bankruptcies is having a little trouble securing a measly $464 million bond by Monday. Yes, you heard it right, Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed billionaire extraordinaire, can’t seem to rustle up enough pocket change to pay off his latest debt to the Deep State.

Is it time to make America Great Again, one dollar at a time with a fundraiser for our former president?

No ones wants to be a target by lending Trump money.

According to Trump’s legal team, they’ve been working harder than a squirrel in a nut factory to secure Trump’s bond. They’ve scoured the land, approaching every surety company within a 100-mile radius. They even begged on their knees to insurance giants, only to be met with resounding laughter and a firm “nope.”

That’s because the Democrats have been doing a great job scaring everyone sh*tless to do any kind of business with Orange Man Bad – because if you do, you will be finished…investigated… incarcerated…take your pick.

Joyous happiness abounds as Democrats revel in Trump’s misfortune.

The Dems have been doing a happy dance all week because one of their main goals is to bankrupt the Trumpster – or take away some of his properties. And Biden has been having fun mocking Trump as well.

It turns out, the bond companies are not interested in taking Trump’s collection of golf courses and towers as collateral. They want cold, hard cash, not the promise of another failed casino venture.

What properties will AG Letitia James try to take?

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As the deadline looms, Attorney General Letitia James is sharpening her collection tools, ready to swoop in and claim Trump’s assets faster than you can say “foreclosure.”

She’s got her eyes on iconic properties like Trump Tower and she’s not backing down until she’s got her hands on every gold-plated toilet.