In a brutal rejection of the left-wing drive to unlawfully remove Donald Trump from the ballot in several states, the Supreme Court delivered a crushing 9-0 decision, leaving no doubt that the states do not have the authority to remove federal candidates no matter how much they may dislike them.

For Donald Trump, it was the latest in a series of legal and public relations wins that will continue to fuel his rise in the polls. If the election were today, Trump would win the race to become the 47th President handily.

All recent national polls show the former President with a sizeable lead—especially when Robert F. Kennedy and others are on the ballot. More importantly, Trump is winning in all the key swing states, including Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan.

Brand new polling from Michigan shows the former President rolling over the current President by four points—exactly the opposite of what the race looked like in 2020.

But while the left is shell-shocked, they are not throwing in the towel. No, they are throwing the propaganda and the hysteria into overdrive. Some journos are claiming that SCOTUS is actively conspiring to get Trump elected and is helping him out with their decision.

Yeah, there is something in the water at MSNBC. It was once a proud network that I appeared on—but man, how they have fallen off the cliff of left-wing political cultists.

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But don’t worry; they are not alone in screaming like petulant children when it comes to the unanimous Supreme Court ruling.

Raskin and Swalwell announced they are working on legislation to bar Trump from running. This fight over election exclusion is far from over.

On the other side of the conversation is the former President, who came out at Mar-A-Lago to discuss the SCOTUS ruling and how important it is to clear the way for the people to decide who should lead America beginning next year. He said the 9-0 decision will go far to preserve our Republic.

Suppose you cannot win at the Supreme Court, and even your most loyal and left-wing justices abandon you. In that case, the next best thing is trashing the court with some like the venomous Keith Olbermann calling for the high court to be disbanded immediately—you know, to protect democracy.

Of course, this is only one of the big questions about the upcoming election hanging in the balance. The next big test is whether or not a former President can be criminally prosecuted or sued in civil court for executing the office they were elected to. Can a President be prosecuted for decisions made while in office? Normally, the answer is no to remove any pressure from their already stressful decision-making. But many on the shortsighted left want that immunity removed to gain another avenue to attack 45.

And, of course, with the fringe leftists lighting torches and getting their pitchforks, this is just the beginning of this round of attacks on America’s institutions. It has triggered a mass psychosis for many TV bobbleheads who could keep quiet and let you think they are fools or speak and let you know for certain. One of these is Whoopi Goldberg, who suggested that if the President has full immunity, Biden could just throw every Republican in prison.
Yeah, that is pretty much where we are today, with President Trump gaining momentum and the Democrats looking at ever worse polling numbers and possibly more big legal defeats to come.

When you try to rig the election using lawfare, it’s still pretty hard to do.