The Supreme Court is serving up some cold shoulder realness once again. This time by telling everyone that they can’t be bothered with the fabulousness of drag controversies.

Some students at West Texas A&M University wanted to sashay their way into a “PG-13” drag show on campus and they wanted the Supreme Court to back them up after being denied their venue – but the high court was like, “Not today!”

Supreme Court not interested in case.

Not even the leftist Supremes wanted to discuss the case as there were no dissenting votes and they did not explain their decision.

That means the student drag show that’s scheduled on the West Texas A&M University campus for March 22nd won’t happen even after asking for emergency intervention from the Supreme Court for their right to “free speech.”


To fight the fight, the drag show proponents have discovered the Constitution.

It’s funny though how the leftists only care about constitutional issues when they pertain to things like drag shows, pornography in libraries and abortion.

How did this start?

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The university’s President Walter Wendler had blocked the LGBTQ+ student organization from using a performance hall on campus to host a drag show last March, explaining in an email that drag was contrary to the “basis of Natural Law” and also was “derisive, divisive and demoralizing.”

He added that the whole thing is demeaning to women and wasn’t going to be condoned by the University.

Now, these students are left voguing off-campus while they wait for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to clock in next month – a court that is viewed as the most conservative federal appeals court in the United States.

So for now there’s a hold on the drag drama – at least where litigation is concerned, giving the students plenty of time to perfect their makeup for the next round of legal battles.