In a classic case of overcrowding woes, a Manhattan school is in a bind due to a surge in enrollment of “migrant” children (illegal aliens), potentially booting a special needs school out of its shared space.

Open borders putting a strain on American schools.

The New York Post reports that West Prep Academy, catering primarily to children with disabilities, finds itself overrun by increased enrollment in a school they share with PS 145 (the Bloomingdale School), largely attributed to the recent influx of migrant kids (illegal aliens).

Parents at West Prep are understandably miffed. They’re feeling ignored and rightly concerned about the impact this overcrowding will have on their children’s education.

Kids with disabilities will suffer.

And it’s not just about the lack of physical space; it’s about the developmental impact on these special needs kids. But hey, who cares about that when there’s a wave of migrant kids (illegal aliens) to accommodate, right?

As reported earlier this month by the Daily Mail, over 30,000 migrant children have flooded into NYC public schools over the past three years, adding fuel to the fire of an overcrowding nightmare.

The answer to the border crisis: shove the American kids in an old run-down facility.

The Department of Education’s (DOE) solution? Offer West Prep a new spot. Sounds great, until you realize it’s a rundown building lacking basic facilities suitable for special needs education.

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No outdoor space, no gym doubling as an auditorium, and zilch for disabled and special needs kids. Bravo, DOE, bravo.

But then, Americans don’t matter to the leftists as much as their future Democrat voters they’re bringing in through the open borders.

The West Prep and PS 145 kids currently in the school haven’t exactly been living the high life even before this border crisis, already in a cramped space and dealing with their own set of challenges.

Homeless, minority and special needs kids have it rough already without this.

But hey, who cares about homeless and minority students when there’s a narrative to push about the noble plight of asylum seekers, right? Who cares that 1 in 3 students at PS 145 are homeless and 2/3 of them are Black or Latino. Who cares that 90% of the West Prep Academy kids are Black or Latino and the school is geared to help kids with autism.

West Prep isn’t taking this lying down, though. They’re rightfully peeved about the possibility of being shoved into a new space that’s about as accommodating as a shoebox. At the very least, they’re asking for a year’s delay to figure things out. Seems reasonable, but who knows if anyone’s listening.

Parents and students from the school speak up.

At a recent town hall, emotions ran high as parents and students voiced their frustrations. Even the typically silent special needs kids had something to say, expressing their disgust at the impending changes. But alas, it most likely fell on deaf ears – as things usually do with leftists who only care about accommodating illegal aliens.

In the end, it’s a mess. Two schools crammed into one building, neither getting what they need.

Who thought this was a good idea? Apparently, not the parents, not the teachers, and certainly not the students. But hey, as long as the Democratic agenda is being pushed, who cares about the collateral damage?” They’re only kids.