In a surprising turn of events, Colorado House Republican Ken Buck has announced his resignation, sending shockwaves through the GOP as they deal with a dwindling majority in the House of Representatives.

Buck’s departure not only shows the growing disarray within the Republican Party but it also poses a significant challenge to their efforts to maintain control in Congress. His exit will reduce the number of House Republicans to 218 against 213 Democrats.

The party of stupid never disappoints.

The Republicans, who are often referred to as the party of “stupid” for obvious reasons didn’t do themselves any favors when they expelled George Santos from the House of Representatives at the end of last year. So what if he’s a fraud? ALL Democrat politicians are liars and frauds. And many of the RINOs are as well.

Buck’s decision significantly weakens Speaker Mike Johnson’s ability to exert control over the chamber and highlights the challenges facing the Republican Party as they navigate internal divisions and external pressures.

While Buck was once regarded as a conservative hardliner, his recent actions have drawn attention for his defiance against his party’s leadership. He notably opposed efforts to impeach President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, earning him both praise and criticism from within his own ranks.

Buck’s announcement, made via social media, cited his desire to spend more time with his family and engage in political endeavors outside of Congress. However, his remarks to the media painted a picture of frustration and disillusionment with the dysfunction plaguing Capitol Hill.

Buck is picking up his marbles and going home.

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Buck lamented the lack of productivity and bipartisanship, describing the current state of Congress as the worst in recent memory. Seriously?! That’s their job. To navigate through the alligators. You don’t quit because politicians are corrupt, dysfunctional and evil. That’s who they are.

The timing of Buck’s resignation, just months before the end of his term, has raised eyebrows and elicited concerns from his Republican colleagues. Many have expressed surprise and dismay over his decision, pointing to a lack of communication and coordination within the party leadership.

Departure could shape Colorado and the rest of the country.

The abrupt nature of Buck’s departure leaves the GOP scrambling to fill the void and maintain its grip on power in the House. Some say it could have been a strategic move to sideline fellow Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert as his exit has implications for the upcoming special election to fill his seat in Colorado’s 4th congressional district.

With the race now wide open, fellow Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who had been eyeing the seat, faces a significant obstacle. Known for her outspoken and controversial views, Boeberthad hoped to succeed Buck but will be unable to run in the special election without vacating her current seat in the 3rd congressional district. Now Buck has altered the dynamics of the race and potentially reshaped the Republican landscape in Colorado – not to mention the rest of Congress.

More resignations on the horizon according to Buck.

And the news from Buck is that there may be more resignations coming. He told Axios that there were three more people who might be leaving. That’s in addition to the already departed Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH).

As the Republican Party continues to reckon with its future direction, it’s obvious that their personal vendettas, prospects, power and wealth are all that they really care about.

We are all just collateral damage. There are few patriots left anymore.

The Republicans could care less that the Democrats could gain control of the House (even before November) and flush the country down the toilet even more faster and easier than they had planned.