Do President Biden’s doctors know (or care) that he’s in charge of the nuclear codes and is allowing an invasion of our country?

Do President Biden’s doctors know (or care) that he wear tennis shoes a lot so he doesn’t trip and uses the short stairs on Air Force One, entering the plane on a lower deck than he previously did?

Have President Biden’s doctors seen any video of Biden freezing when he talks, getting lost on a stage, forgetting his wife’s name, or mumbling incoherently through his speeches?

If Biden is “fit for duty” I’d hate to see someone who wasn’t.

Even though the majority of Americans think Biden’s too old to be president and has some sort of cognitive issue (even the DOJ says he does)…nevertheless, in the surreal world of political theatrics, President Joe Biden’s physician has declared him “fit for duty” after an annual physical examination. For the complete report, click here.

In an absurd statement, “Doctor” Kevin O’Connor has assured the nation that Biden, at the sprightly age of 81, is performing his presidential duties without “any exemptions or accommodations.”

Really? Then why is Biden wearing tennis shoes and using the short stairs to get into Air Force One?!

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Age may be just a number, but Biden’s number is WAY UP in the stratosphere and his doctors don’t seem to care. At least not publicly.

Mental decline is now an acceptable qualification to be a Democratic president.

O’Connor, Biden’s compliant medical PR physician, proudly announced this week that the president underwent a comprehensive examination, complete with consultations with specialists who presumably assured him that mixing up world leaders is perfectly normal for a leader of the free world.

In a world where Alzheimer’s is a concern for many families, Biden’s occasional lapses in memory are simply brushed aside by his doctors. During a recent New York reception, President Dementia managed to confuse Angela Merkel with the late Helmut Kohl, who had exited the stage in 2017.

Add to that Special Counsel Robert Hur deciding not to indict Biden for retaining classified documents during his vice presidency, citing Biden’s “significantly limited” memory as a contributing factor.

Yes, it’s a relief to know that the fate of the nation is in the hands of someone whose memory is on par with a majority of the country’s nursing home residents.

Biden is SO on top of things, his doctors don’t think he needs any kind of cognitive test.

The lack of a cognitive test for Biden, as revealed by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre, is not due to an oversight or an abundance of caution but instead because O’Connor and his

neurologist apparently believe that Biden doesn’t need one. Yes, during an election year, it’s DEFINITELY not needed – wink, wink.

One can’t help but wonder if the doctor consulted a crystal ball or merely relied on the president’s impeccable track record of presidential competency to arrive at such reassuring conclusions.

Perhaps, in the surreal universe of presidential health evaluations, cognitive tests are only reserved for Republicans. And so are any kind of reports from mental health professionals.

In 2017, a group of mental health professionals said Trump was unfit for office.

Yes, in case you forgot, back in 2017, a group of mental health professionals signed on to a letter about President Donald Trump saying, “We fear that too much is at stake to be silent any longer.”

A group of 35 social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists said that Trump distorted reality and had a “personal myth of greatness” (Don’t we all?!)

The letter concluded about Trump: “Mr. Trump’s speech and actions makes him incapable of serving safely as president.”

Oddly enough, those so-called professionals haven’t signed onto any letters about incompetent and corrupt Joe. But then again, they are a bunch of hacks, only too happy to be used at the time by the Democrat media to attack Trump.

What is in the report?

In the six-page report, Biden’s doctors talk about his problems with sleep apnea, A-fib, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), gastroesophageal reflux, seasonal allergies, stiffened gait, and sensory peripheral neuropathy of feet.

The president’s medications (according to the report) include Apixaban (Eliquis); Rosuvastatin (Crestor); Fluticasone/azelastine (Dymista) nasal spray; Fexofenadine (over-the-counter Allegra); Famotidine (over-the-counter Pepcid) and Esomeprazole (over-the-counter Nexium).

The funny thing about the report is that they describe Biden as “active” and “robust” and “working” at least five days a week. LOL.

The announcement of this health update (the last before the 2024 presidential elections) adds a layer of farcical anticipation to the ongoing political saga.

A geriatric showdown is coming.

How will the geriatric showdown between Biden and former President Donald Trump play out? In a battle of septuagenarians, it’s a spectacle that promises to outshine any reality show on TV.

Will the nation’s concerns about Biden’s age (not to mention problems with crime, the economy and immigration) be a concern for voters – or will that concern be drowned out by the hubbub of Orange Man Bad’s political rallies, lawsuit appearance press conference or his Twitter skirmishes? Only time will tell.