The overwhelming number of people coming into America illegally was underscored on Friday when more than 1,000 people attended the funeral of Laken Riley in Woodstock, Georgia. It was an overflow crowd, and it caught the nation’s attention.

The 22-year-old nursing student was brutally beaten to death at the University of Georgia in the middle of the day a week and a half ago on an otherwise ordinary Thursday morning.

Laken’s mother broke the silence of the family by saying her faith in Jesus Christ is helping her and her family get through what she called an “avoidable” tragedy.

She is right. The swarm of illegal aliens, which is somewhere between seven and ten million people in just the last three years, is causing massive stress in major cities, and the invasion is also directly related to too many avoidable deaths.

Murders, Americans killed by illegals driving drunk, the fentanyl crisis that is claiming hundreds of lives a day, and all the other crimes that are reported or not.

And what are Joe Biden and his open border cronies doing about this existential threat to America? 

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Not a damn thing! 

Unless falsely blaming President Donald Trump and Republicans is considered a legitimate response—which, of course, it’s not. Neither is repeating the lies about how the border is secure —which it’s not. That is why a shock poll shows President Donald Trump with a commanding lead over Joe Biden among Hispanic voters—pulling away in others. One CBS poll found that 52% of likely voters say they’ll back Trump over Biden.

I repeat the biggest question of all today, and it’s been the same question now for three years running—how many people have to die? How many people must die from our open border before something is done about it?

Whatever the answer, we have not reached that number yet because the crisis and failures continue today.

How many gang bangers from Venezuela must come here? 

How many young people must die from overdosing?

How many armed robberies? Rapes? Violent crimes?

When have we had enough to reject the lies and the clear and present danger the ongoing crisis has created?

What is remarkable is that Donald Trump was elected for the first time in large part because of the border problems in this country, and the Democrats have committed an indefensible crime against our nation with their failed policies. It has also propelled the political comeback of Donald Trump, who is pulling in more people than ever before.

It’s not just Hispanic voters—it is black voters, union voters, and working-class voters all across America. It is a movement—President Trump has never lost his base, but Joe Biden and the Democrats have created a scenario where the GOP and the America First Agenda could rule the day for years to come.
Trump in ’24, then his VP for a couple of terms, or another America First candidate, and a revival of American leadership at home and on the world stage.

But Trump has to close the deal now with those former Democrat and independent voters. He cannot rest, and I am not saying he is because he is burning up the track with stop after stop on the campaign trail—he is pulling in huge crowds, and the money is coming, too.

He just made nice with the Club for Growth. With that kind of swing, maybe Americans for Prosperity will come home, too. His new goal is an electoral landslide “too big to rig.”

And if he is to be elected as the 47th President, it will mean he will dominate his opponent on the big issues—which he is in all the polling right now.

And it means he will have a big influence on big decisions like who runs the Senate GOP.

Of course, the Democrats keep creating their problems—unforced errors, as we like to call them—the biggest of all is the fact that they do not trust their man to go out and take questions freely or do easy sit-downs like the last two Superbowl interviews that Joey skipped on his way to the ice cream parlor.

And the biggest failure is his ability to connect with anyone looking for a real candidate. They’ll try to tell you that Biden will lose Michigan because of Gaza, but as Batya Ungar-Sargon pointed out, it will probably be because of the auto workers being pushed out by EVs.
And, of course, there is the big number 81. That is the one thing even those planning to vote for him cannot let go of.

Even Bill Maher got in on it, saying Biden walks around like a toddler with a full diaper. That pretty much says it all. It’s no wonder why nobody’s lining up to vote for the guy.