Old Yeller—better known as Joe Biden—is back to acting as he normally does: slurring, confused, and seemingly unsure of what is going on a fair amount of the time.

This is in stark contrast to what the Democrats wanted you to believe right after the speech. They all pointed to a CNN instant poll showing that 65% of those who watched had a positive impression.

But as you can guess, that is very misleading and borderline dishonest. Biden set records for having the worst numbers ever, which is from the Washington Post!

The far-left paper, owned and published by far-left activist and billionaire Jeff Bezos, pointed out some critical facts. First of all, the speeches are almost always heavy on partisan viewership. I mean, come on, how many Trump supporters were tuned in? How many people who cannot stand Joe Biden were riveted to their TVs? Not many.

Here is the hard truth for CNN, which trumpeted 65% as a triumph for Old Yeller. 65% was the lowest number ever for CNN in 25 years of doing such instant polling to the State of the Union.

The 35% who had a very positive view virtually tied Biden’s State of the Union from last year, which means they are tied for last place.

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No matter how you dress Joe up, almost nobody wants him to attend the party.

The reasons have not changed. He is wildly unpopular on the border and Bidenomics—a term that was not used a single time in the entire one-hour and seven-minute performance.
And now, post State of the Union, Biden is struggling again. People are feeling the inflation that Biden triggered with reckless spending and seeing Joe Biden as weak and unable to do the job.

People I know who voted for Biden didn’t abandon him at first. They hung around after the massive failure in Afghanistan. They hung around even while inflation began to run wild under his Banner of Bidenomics—but the border and other failures have an impact.

It’s the drip…drip…drip.

I saw the exodus begin about a year ago—and I can tell you any short-term bump in the polls is going to fall the next time an illegal alien murders an American citizen because of Biden’s failed policies.

President Biden doesn’t seem to understand that Laken, not Lincoln, Riley is the face of his self-imposed border crisis. But with staggering political tone-deafness, the President went out on Saturday and, instead of apologizing for an open border, apologized to the Venezuelan killer for calling him an illegal.

One guy who knows what most Americans want on the border is former President Donald Trump, who first called and then met with the family of Laken Riley, providing comfort to a family in mourning—something the current President seems incapable of offering.

This will be the deciding issue of 2024, I believe. I know Democrats want to make the election all about abortion—and they will have some luck with that, but not enough to turn back the tides of an open border.
Something else is obvious today. Biden’s handlers can only go once in a while to whatever they gave Old Yeller on Thursday. He sounded like a guy jacked up on cocaine or amphetamines. By the next day, however, the buzz had worn off, and Joe was back to mumbling, stumbling, and bumbling.

He had a hard time making it through a campaign “national organizing call.”

On a cakewalk interview on MSNBC, there were more problems.

And he was awful during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, too.

It’s hard to keep a drug cocktail like they’ve got him on working for long. We already know he’s out of it, and his screwups are becoming expected and routine. We know there will be more as the campaign trail heats up and his schedule becomes more hectic. He can’t hide in the basement this time, though he may try.