Nikki Haley finally took a reality check on Super Tuesday, after her presidential aspirations proved as sturdy as a cardboard cutout in a rainstorm.

Orange Man Bad is on his way to a Trump-Biden Rematch

That leaves Trump sitting pretty with 995 out of the 1,215 delegates needed to be the Republican presidential nominee and most likely feeling as smug as a cat that got the canary. The writing on the wall was practically screaming at Haley, but she had stubbornly clung to the illusion that her ship wasn’t sinking faster than the Titanic.

Yes, Haley managed to eke out victories in Vermont and Washington D.C., but only because they are glorious havens of “open” primaries. Her secret sauce? Democrat votes and, of course, the sweet allure of Democratic dollars.

Haley only continued with the help Democrats and never-Trumpers.

Hers has been a long and arduous journey, sustained solely by the lifeblood of crossover voters. But hey, if you can’t win hearts and minds, just borrow them from the other side, right?!

The real “win” for Nikki? She clung on long enough that her mom could vote for her.

A mom’s love…

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In her resignation speech to suspend her campaign this morning, Haley said, “When I began, I said the campaign was grounded in my love for our country. Just last week, my mother, a first, generation immigrant, got to vote for her daughter for President…only in America.”

Although a lovely sentiment, Haley must have missed the memo that love alone won’t win you an election, especially when your ship is sailing without any real Republican tailwind.

With the dramatic flair of a soap opera diva, Haley thanked her supporters and insisted that she had wanted the voices of anti-Trumpers and others to be heard.

No Haley endorsement for Trump.

Haley acknowledged the impending Trump triumph but she stopped short of officially endorsing him. So the diplomatic dance continues, leaving us all in suspense about whether she is planning to join the Trump Train or catch the next flight out of the GOP circus.

Haley said things like, “I congratulate him (Trump) and wish him well…” and “Our country is too precious to let our differences divide us.” She also added, “I have always been a conservative Republican and always supported the Republican nominee.”

But what will that support cost Trump? Only time will tell.

On the other hand, he might not give a crap.

So far, the Trumpster has made no official comment on Nikki’s departure from a race that she lost long ago.

Maybe he’s too busy celebrating his impending nomination with a Big Mac and a Coke.