Well, it seems the left wants to keep hammering on the word bloodbath—one they were historically very fond of, by the way.

Now, they want to pretend that former president Donald Trump is somehow threatening political violence by saying the US auto industry will suffer a bloodbath if Joe Biden is reelected.

It is a despicable lie—and it has people like Joe Scarborough over at MSLSD so amped up that he started melting down on live TV Monday morning. I mean, these folks are so freaked out that Joe Biden is going to get crushed by Donald Trump in November that they are losing their minds in real time.

Of course, as we have discussed, the left is happy to use the word bloodbath and has too many times to remember. When it suits their needs, bloodbath has always been just fine—a preferred go-to.

But now, they see a chance to distort and blatantly lie about what President Trump said and turn it into a political weapon against him.
But let’s just remember how the left has used the term bloodbath in recent years. Joe Scarborough himself is guilty of using it plenty in the past.

And it’s not just crazy, Joe. Left-wing politicians and their dirty media pals love the word, from what I can tell.

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And let’s talk about an actual bloodbath—not one involving the EV failures, the auto industry, or the economy in general. Let’s talk about actual blood in the streets and at the hands of certain politicians.
I want you to hear the names of Americans killed recently by illegal aliens that came into our country as a result of Joe Biden and his administration’s intentional open border policies that are designed to give Democrats voters and big companies like Tyson dirt cheap labor. Tyson is just one easy example—in fact, packing plants and factory farms are among the industries that abuse and support the open border the most.

But what about those who have been lost to this reckless, dangerous, and intentional border policy?

Laken Riley, Christopher Gadd, Lizabeth Medina, Melissa & Riordan Powell, David Hadrich, Cindy Goulding, Cheston Edwards, Deborah Brandao, Nazareth Tamer-Claure, Connor Holcomb, Andi Lynn Blair, Isidro Cortes, Moussa Fofana Mafalda, Thayer Corbin Wagner, Gretchen Gross, Aiden Clark, Michael Kunovich, Erpharo Gilbert, Kayla Hamilton, Maria Rios Ian Matteo-Garcia, and Diane Hill-Luckett.

That is just one short list—but don’t worry, there were names added today, names you may or may not ever hear because the Biden Administration and the corporate media whores who act as the left-wing bagmen don’t care if you listen to their names or not. But I do.

Democrats and corporate media don’t want to talk about the border that has caused an actual bloodbath at the hands of those flowing across the border. The majority barely screened—if at all—and the results are precise.

They also don’t want to discuss Bidenomics, which has caused a bloodbath for American consumers trying to pay the grocery bill.
I mean, if you want to discuss a bloodbath for the average family’s monthly budget, here we go:

Sugar is up 44%
Bread is up 30%
Butter up 27%
Chicken up 26%
If you want to eat out, that has spiked 21%, and if you want to stay home and save, too bad, that has gone up 21%.

But don’t worry—everything is up. It’s not food, mortgage rates, electricity, gasoline, or medicine—it’s everything—which is why another term for bloodbath these days is Bidenomics!
The dirty B-words.

They also don’t want to talk about the bloodbath we are continuing to support in Ukraine. Although tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been killed since the war with Russia began more than two years ago now, the war won’t stop as long as the War Pigs in Washington and the EU keep pushing for it to continue.

Did you know that, according to several reports, a peace deal was at hand all the way back in April 2022? Turkey brokered it, but the United States deep-sixed it.

Yeah, that carnage is an absolute bloodbath on the hands of the incompetent Biden Administration that wants this war to roll on. At the same time, they attack Israel and accuse Netanyahu of perpetuating another bloodbath in Gaza.

But again—they don’t want to talk about these things today. Not when they can make stuff up about their most significant threat to take away their political power.
They want to keep you distracted with blatantly false stories about the sins of Donald Trump. They are working overtime to convince you that he threatened America with a bloodbath if he doesn’t win—which, of course, he did not. He merely pointed out that the automobile industry and the American economy would suffer a financial bloodbath if Biden remained in office.
So, once again, I will be among the few willing to expose the lies and tell you the truth because if I don’t, then who will?

The problem is that they have gone to the well too often, and it no longer works. Their grip on certain voting blocs is fading.

There is a political bloodbath coming—that is, if Republicans can figure out how to keep the voting honest in just three key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and maybe the most critical state, Arizona.

And if they can, the Democrats will suffer a political bloodbath like they have not seen since 1980.