The carefully choreographed Biden appearance at the “border” was staged at a place where there is no chaos and no illegal aliens. Because the Democratic Party is all about marketing and optics, they had to go someplace where not even one illegal alien could be seen invading the country behind where President Biden was standing.

Over on Fox News, commentator Lawrence Jones said that the Biden Brownsville staging in Texas also included some boats that were put out on the water, only to be removed after Biden’s motorcade rolled out of town.

After Border’s quick visit walking around near a river for his photo op, he had a press conference where he blamed (who else?) the Republicans and Donald Trump for the border problems.

Meanie Trump and the Republicans won’t fund Biden’s illegal alien handouts.

Yes, it’s their fault because they won’t sign on to the Democrats’ border bill so they can pay for a zillion more processors, give a zillion more dollars to the NGOs to take care of the illegal aliens, make sure they can get at least 5K illegal aliens a day entering our country, and give a zillion more dollars to Ukraine.

I doubt anyone is buying what the Democrats are selling though – not even Democrats. Everyone knows that Biden doesn’t need a border bill to fix the border. It’s a mess because he wants it to be a mess.

Texas Governor Abbott says Biden “endangering America” by not doing his job.

Then over in the real world, there was former President Donald J. Trump along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott touring state law enforcement facilities in Eagle Pass – a city which is effectively a “militarized zone” with Governor Abbott’s concertina wire and National Guard Soldiers posted on land and on top of containers guarding United States territory.

Ex-border patrol chief says Biden’s only goal is to let the invasion continue.

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Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott talked with Martha MacCallum on Fox News on Thursday and said that through 94 Executive orders, President Biden “completely destroyed border security.” He went on to say when he worked under Biden, “The entire focus was on expediting processing and avoiding any negative optics of people backing up on the border.”

Scott said the goal of the Biden administration was to get as many people in as they can while every other prior administration was focusing on deterring illegal activity and preventing crimes in advance, protecting adults and children in the process.

About the president, Scott said, “I hope he listens to the men and women down there. I hope they’re free to speak openly. But I can tell you from my experience in the Biden administration, that was not the norm. If they speak freely, they’ll probably be out of a job.”

MacCallum asked, “Is that what happened to you?”

Scott responded, “That’s exactly what happened to me. I followed orders to a certain extent but I gave feedback and I told them where I thought things were going to go wrong and they did not listen to any of the advice we gave to them whatsoever. So I was reassigned. I chose to retire and speak out instead.”

Border agents “mad as hell” about Biden’s photo op visit to Texas and not getting needed support.

While Trump was in Eagle Pass, Border Patrol union chief Brandon Judd said to Trump, “Your agents, my agents, are mad as hell. Absolutely mad that President Biden went to Brownsville Texas rather than going to Arizona, rather than going to San Diego California rather than coming to Eagle Pass Texas which has been the epicenter.”

Judd went on to say, “Your agents, president, they are pissed. Border patrol agents are upset that we cannot get the proper policy that is necessary to protect human life – to protect American citizens – to protect the people who are crossing the border illegally, we want to protect them as well and we can’t do that because president Biden’s policies continue to invite people to come here.”

The Joe Biden invasion of criminal bandits will continue as long as he’s president…

Trump, during his speech in Eagle Pass, said that what is going on in the country is a “Joe Biden invasion.” He discussed the murder of young nursing student Laken Riley by an “alleged” illegal alien and quoted some alarming ICE crime stats concerning assaults, rapes and homicides by illegal aliens.

However, Democrat-run cities don’t often let ICE take custody of or deport those criminals and killers. They don’t abide by the ICE detainers. Instead, the criminal-supporting and illegal alien-supporting leftists release them onto the streets of America to rape and kill again.

A user on the social media platform X calls these illegal aliens “Biden bandits.”

In Brownsville, to protest the Biden bandits and Biden himself were some of Trump’s friends, who organized a MAGA Caravan with Trump and American flags attached to their cars and trucks. They are fighters in a war against the Democrats. Fighters for America First against the America Last Democrats.