Outrage has erupted (and justifiably so) after a Texas man, Carey Birmingham, who brazenly shot his wife Patricia dead on camera after discovering her affair, received a shockingly lenient sentence of just ten years behind bars for her murder.

Ten-year sentence for murder with possibility of parole after five.

According to the Daily Mail, the disturbing murder unfolded in December 2021, with the heinous act captured on video. Yet despite overwhelming evidence, Birmingham will only serve a maximum of ten years with the possibility of parole after just five.

Five years for murder. This is the America we now live in.

“Alright, goodbye” murderer tells wife before shooting her dead.

In the chilling footage, Birmingham is seen in the driveway of his Spring, Texas home, wearing a bathrobe and brandishing a shotgun.

The tension escalates as he tells his wife, “Alright, goodbye. You’re (going to) meet Jesus, I hope it was worth it,” before mercilessly shooting her three times following an argument.

Crime of passions, according to some, aren’t as bad as premeditated murder – but I don’t think victims would care about the difference.

Audio recordings were used to shed light on the heated exchange between Patricia and Carey. The defense strategically presented these recordings as a crucial part of Birmingham’s crime of passion defense, aiming to convince the all-female jury that he acted impulsively in the heat of the moment.

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Despite a guilty plea, his defense attorney, Anthony Osso, clarified that they were not justifying his actions but rather focusing on the motivations behind the crime.

Osso explained, “We never tried to justify the actions of our client, but the defense wasn’t about justification. It was about why he did what he did.”

Daughter speaks out.

In the aftermath of the sentencing, daughter Olivia, who lost both her parents that tragic day, expressed her profound grief. She spoke out in court, addressing her father directly, highlighting the lasting impact of his actions. Olivia said that her father’s choices not only claimed her mother’s life but also transformed him into a different person.

Reflecting on the legal proceedings, Olivia raised concerns about the notion of “sudden passion” asserting that such a drastic act requires premeditation. She questioned the validity of this defense, suggesting that one must harbor deep-seated intentions to commit such a violent act against a loved one.

Despite testifying that she had never witnessed physical abuse from her father towards her mother, Olivia remains resolute in her stance, declaring that she would never forgive him for his heinous act. Her commitment extends beyond personal grievances, as she seeks to raise awareness about various forms of abuse.

Family of murder victim not happy with sentence.

Patricia’s sister, Mary Dees, echoed the family’s dismay over the lenient sentence. She pointed to Patricia’s strength and refusal to yield to fear, expressing disappointment in the perceived lack of justice. Dees highlighted the prosecution’s efforts and even suggested that the judge appeared shocked by the verdict.

The legal system sucks.

This case raises serious questions about the effectiveness of the current legal system in holding murderers accountable and delivering appropriate sentences.

It’s a long road for victims and their families to get any justice these days. First, police and detectives have to figure out who committed a crime. Then they have to gather evidence and a prosecutor has to be convinced to file charges. Then we often see ridiculous plea deals happening.

And in the rare instances where a case actually makes it to trial, even if there is a ton of evidence against the defendant like in this case, we end up with a murderer getting ten years in prison, possibly out in five. It’s pretty disgusting.

If this crap continues, so will the increase in crime and murders.

The glaring discrepancy between the brutality of the murder, the evidence presented, and the resulting lenient sentence exposes a concerning flaw that allows criminals to evade the justice system’s full force. And it’s only getting worse with pro-criminal Democrats interfering so that victims and their families don’t get any sort of justice.

As families grapple with the aftermath of such tragedies, the inadequacies in the legal system is becoming painfully evident. More so every day.