President Adam de Angeli of the Rescue Michigan Coalition says in a recent emailed statement, “Every now and then, President Trump does something so perplexing that it makes you wonder if he isn’t still completely surrounded by Deep State operatives and saboteurs.”

de Angeli is referring to former President Donald J. Trump endorsing former U.S. Rep. Republican Mike Rogers who is running for the open senate seat in Michigan.

Trump’s glowing endorsement…

Trump said about Rogers, “Mike has served his Country during a career loaded up with accolades and wins, from the Army to Congress, and now, hopefully, the U.S. Senate.”

Trump went on to say, “Mike will work closely with me to enact our America First Policies. He will tirelessly fight to Secure the Border, Stop Inflation, Grow the Economy, Strengthen our Military / Veteran Support, and Protect and Defend our always under siege Second Amendment.”

Trump continued. “Mike Rogers will be a Great and Powerful Senator for Michigan, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. HE KNOWS HOW TO WIN!”

Rogers is running against eight other Republican candidates in the primary unless some drop out before then.

Rogers, who also has the backing of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, will be running for the senate seat in the Republican primary in Michigan on August 6th along with eight other candidates. The winner will compete against the Democratic nominee in the November general election which will most likely be Elissa Slotkin.

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The Trump endorsement of Rogers has some political insiders scratching their heads.

de Angeli says that Trump threw his support behind a guy who not only masterminded policies to derail the Trump Train but also chaired the Deep State-controlled House Intelligence Committee.

Trump passed over Rogers for Wray as FBI Director.

de Angeli says that Trump’s own staff even passed over Rogers to be the FBI Director, opting instead for Christopher Wray. Ouch.

And de Angeli also reminds us about Rogers’ role in the warrantless mass surveillance program, a true masterpiece of overreach that targeted the 2016 Trump campaign.

Opponent of endorsement asks: Liz Cheney for VP?

Adam de Angeli asks, “If Trump doesn’t wise up soon, what’s next? Liz Cheney for running mate? Letitia James for Attorney General?”

Roger Stone and Rand Paul are not on the Rogers train either.

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone says that Rogers was the “chief apologist for the mass surveillance policies that allowed President Donald Trump to be spied upon and sabotaged by the unaccountable deep state bureaucrats in Washington D.C.”

He adds, “But now, Rogers is attempting to reinvent himself as a pro-MAGA Republican in a cynical attempt to dupe voters and become the Republicans U.S. Senate candidate in Michigan.”

Senator Rand Paul was also quick to call out this endorsement debacle, labeling Rogers as the “worst Deep State candidate this cycle.”

Rogers speaks out about the Trump endorsement on the Steve Gruber Show.

Rogers was on the Steve Gruber Show on Thursday and said about being endorsed by Trump and the controversy of him being called a never-Trumper, “There’s only one vote who counts in that whole conversation and that’s Donald J. Trump.”


He went on to say that he’s had many conversations with Trump and his staff about what he would do in the senate. He told Gruber, “If you had one term left, would you want somebody who doesn’t know where the bathrooms are or do you want somebody the first day can go to work the first day on fixing the border, that can go to work on making sure that your groceries don’t cost as much as your mortgage every month, that makes sure that EV mandates get rolled back, can contain China because I’ve done all of those things.”

He said “family fights are family fights” but says that Trump wants people who are going to be effective when they get there.

It’ll be interesting to see if Trump voters will vote for what is seen as a former anti-Trumper and a non- MAGA Republican. Even though Trump has had luck securing victories through his endorsements, it’s not always a sure thing.