In the world of corporate enlightenment, Warner Bros. Discovery Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer Asif Sadiq has unveiled the latest groundbreaking strategy to foster diversity and inclusion: discriminate against those who dare to disagree.

Yes, nothing says “unity” like kicking dissenters to the curb.

The “Doctor” Speaks…

“Dr.” Sadiq (who laughably has an honorary doctorate in DEI) dropped his pearls of wisdom during the Aspen Institute of Business and PolicyLink’s “The Future of DEI in Corporate America” webinar.

In this riveting event, where the echo chamber was strong, Sadiq suggested that rather than engaging in pesky conversations or attempting to change the minds of those who don’t quite buy into the whole DEI ideology, companies should simply brush them off until they decide to take their backward views elsewhere.

The bio of the great Sadiq on the Warner Bros. website says that he is tasked with “building key synergies between internal and external efforts to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in all elements of the business, resulting in innovative, creative and inclusive products and services.” It also lists him as an accountant.

Megan Hogan, Chief Diversity Officer at Goldman Sachs, set the stage at the webinar with her revelation about dealing with powerful non-believers. Her genius plan? Find your tribe and ignore the naysayers. If you can’t completely shun them due to your pesky professional principles, give it a cool 30 days of blissful ignorance.

Feel free to ignore the white folks who think that DEI is racist.

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Hogan wants you to focus only on the “woke” folks who are ready to dive headfirst into the sea of DEI righteousness and not waste your time collaborating or even sharing work product with the rest of the yahoos.

Building on Hogan’s strategic brilliance, Sadiq chimed in to emphasize the importance of disregarding those unenlightened souls who will never see the DEI light. According to him, trying to convert these lost causes is as futile as attempting to teach a rock to tap dance.

Chasing out the non-believers is the new strategy.

Forget the skeptics. Let them leave on their own accord which he says would be “great.”

Because, let’s be real, who needs diversity of thought when you can have an echo chamber chanting in perfect harmony – a gaggle of DEI Kool-Aid drinkers.

Tolerance and diversity of thought is not tolerated by leftists.

In the grand finale of his profound revelations, Sadiq reassured everyone that ignoring dissenters isn’t just a negative – it’s a positive mindset shift. Forget about introspection or critical analysis; instead, let’s pat ourselves on the back for creating an environment so unwelcoming to diverse opinions that dissenters willingly pack their bags.

So, Democrats, liberals and leftists are always telling us that they are the “tolerant” ones right? Not even close.