If you ever thought the left would go quietly after the disastrous presidency of Joe Biden or slink out of the room silently and shamefully—you were certainly wrong.

But I guess most of you already figured out they have no intention of leaving—not peacefully, and they hope never.

Of course, most politicians never admit they’re wrong, but this is so much worse. They have pummeled the economy, left the southern border wide open, overseen a massive spike in violent crime all over the nation, and entangled us into positions of weakness and vulnerability in foreign wars. Wars that push us to the brink of World War Three—and if you think that is just rhetoric, you’re not paying attention.

Yes, the Democrats and weak-willed, spineless Republicans who let it happen should all apologize for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Instead, they are stepping up attacks on your rights as American citizens—targeting free speech as hate speech and treating speaking up and telling the truth as a crime.

They want to demolish the First Amendment—and that is just a good start for them, it is quite clear.

They want to criminalize driving your car to work, heating and cooling your home, having hot water, or even having a refrigerator to keep your food cold. They want to criminalize all the things that make First World countries First World countries.

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They want to force you to live under some eco-terrorist mindset that basically says that anything you do is an assault on the planet, and there should be penalties for such behavior—so they are mapping out what those penalties should be.
They want to divide you by race while screaming racism. They applaud the lowering of standards under the misguided idea that somehow, by doing so, the world will be a better place—and that also feeds the fictional need for more diversity, equity, and inclusion—as if I pick my doctor based on race or gender.

News flash, I don’t.

They have spent the past 20 years or more painting Christians as the bad guys in America—they also have shown their true colors when it comes to Jews too.

In fact, if you are a follower of either, you are almost certainly a White Supremacist or White Nationalist and, according to this administration, the biggest threat to this nation.

That is all a lie—but they don’t care. They don’t care about you, or your kids, or your quaint little church and church family. They care about only two things: power and money.

Maybe that has always been true, but now, they see a chance to run it all the way down the throats of the simple serfs. They see a path to one-party rule, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Over the weekend, the Democrats and their Republican cohorts unveiled a new Constitutional assault on you. They announced that there is a brand new effort to come after your guns. One that is completely illegal from what I can tell—but again, they don’t care.

Here comes NERPO—the National Extreme Risk Protection Order. NERPO means they can confiscate your guns if someone files a complaint—many states have these so called red flag laws already.
In Florida, it’s called the Baker Act. In California, it’s 5150, but that doesn’t matter. They have created a new agency to teach locals how to come after you and your guns—let that sink in for a moment.

This is not something your congressmen or senators voted on. This is another unconstitutional power grab by Joe Biden and his ever-more lawless administration.

And think about how this will work—it’s how the things they do always work. They don’t come right at you, they don’t come out and admit they hate the Second Amendment, and they don’t think any private citizen should own guns. They claim to support lawful gun owners when they don’t.

Instead of coming right at you, they work around the edges and quietly disqualify as many people as possible from owning guns.

If you were jammed up and the police came to your door and demanded you surrender all of your guns—who would you tell?

I’m guessing a whole lot of people wouldn’t tell anyone, and over time, they will continue to use every tool in the box to make people forfeit their God-given right to self-defense.

They will scan social media—no, wait, AI will scan social media, analyze where you live, study what you watch on TV, and look at what kinds of things you buy from the store and what stores you spend your money in will also be considered.

Yes, this is happening, and it is just the latest brazen assault on you, your country, and our constitution. None of this is legal—but who will fight back?
Think about this:

Some poor schmuck gets his guns taken, and he can’t afford $10,000 for a lawyer to get them back, so they are lost, and maybe his rights are taken away forever. Are you going to pay his attorney? No, probably not. You are going to keep your mouth shut and hope they aren’t knocking on your door at five in the morning saying they got an anonymous tip that you were a threat to yourself or others.

These attacks are speeding up all the time—I call it the quickening, and they are getting good at it.

If you can keep people off balance, you can get some things done—and they know that by going down roads like this one, they have a shot at keeping power forever. It may not happen this year, but it’s not that far away.

This brings me to the Republican cowards who once again caved in and let the Democrats dictate spending another $1.2 trillion that keeps the debt rising—and the likelihood of a debt crisis rising, too.

And among the worst of the cowards are those that tuck their tails between their legs and running for the hills.

We obviously know about the full frontal assault on Donald Trump and the demands that he fork over $500 million today, or the state of New York will start taking massive valuable chunks of real estate.

Americans know this all stinks to high heaven, and yet the corporate media bobbleheads are just gleeful. They’re just happy it’s not them being targeted. But you must remember that these people have no principles or loyalty. It’s a circular firing squad, and those championing these overreaches will soon be the latest victims of them.