In the latest episode of “Democracy, Democrat-style,” a Rasmussen Reports poll sponsored by the National Pulse has revealed that a whopping 57% of Democrats are ready to throw a tantrum if former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election by opposing certification.

It seems like the party that preaches tolerance and acceptance has a not-so-secret plan up its sleeve for the scenario where they don’t get what they want.

The poll, conducted among likely voters, asked the burning question: “Would you support or oppose Democrats refusing to certify the election results if Trump wins?”

Democrats look to be planning an insurrection if Trump wins 2024 election.

Yes, shockingly (or maybe not), 57% of Democrats responded with a resounding “Hell no!” to election certification. But fear not, the other 43% are too busy practicing deep-breathing exercises and complaining about climate change to offer an opinion.

And if you thought this rebellion was limited to the common folk, think again. Nearly two-thirds of self- proclaimed “liberals” are ready to jump on the bandwagon of electoral disapproval.

A Democrat opinion about democracy if Biden loses: no thanks.

But wait, reality check! Democrats may be making a lot of noise, but they’re not the kings and queens of public opinion. Only 35% of ALL voters would endorse the idea of opposing the certification of Trump’s victory with 55% who oppose lawmakers refusing to certify a Trump victory.

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That’s right, folks – the majority of the voting public isn’t buying into the Democrats’ drama.

One can’t help but marvel at the Democrats’ commitment to democracy. But only when they win, of course.