There is simply no way that Democrats can win a fair and honest election this year.

That’s why they will do anything and everything to prevent one from happening—it is why they are attacking voter ID as racist and pushing for mass mail-in ballots and sixteen-year-old voters. They are pulling out all the stops to retain power in November.

Of course, None of these schemes give us more election integrity. They do the very opposite—and they know that.

And that is the point. For the Democrats, it is winning at all costs—and it doesn’t matter who gets ruined or what institutions get destroyed as long as they can win.

It is an all-out attack on the system of voting and electing leaders in our Republic that we used to have faith in.

And why is this happening?

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Two words: Joe Biden!

Joe Biden is by far the most unpopular President in modern American history—the most unpopular since modern polling began during Harry Truman’s tenure in the White House, and that puts Biden well behind Jimmy Carter and everyone else. The failing poll numbers come even though the corporate media has done everything it possibly can to prop up the senile old man.

After a while, it just doesn’t work anymore—and the latest numbers are among the worst yet. According to 538, the average level of support had fallen 20 points underwater last week.
Donald Trump is also winning across the board in all seven swing states, though I would take both Georgia and North Carolina off the list as they don’t belong there, and I can tell you right now Trump will carry both of those states quite easily.

We find some of the worst numbers in a brand-new poll from the well-respected Grinnell College survey.

In a head-to-head match with Joe Biden across the nation, Donald Trump holds a 7-point lead—and that’s not the worst of it for Old Joe. No, the worst is the jaw-dropping approval number of 34%. I don’t think there is a road back from a disaster like that.

While we have seen the failures of Bidenomics and the wide open border, other issues are driving people away from Joe Biden and back to Donald Trump.

For example, despite the widespread rejection of Biden’s energy policies and the almost tyrannical demand that Americans start buying EVs, Biden and his Climate Change Zealots are not slowing down on the wildly unpopular push.

Just yesterday, Biden finalized his crackdown on gas and diesel-powered cars and trucks—demanding that 70% of new vehicles in the US be EVs by 2032. The real crackdown will start in 2027—just over two and a half years from now. Trump, for his part, says he will dump the reckless pursuit of Green Energy and end the mandates on his first day back in office.

We also learned on Wednesday that US troops have secretly been posted in Taiwan—and will be there permanently—another careless move that will no doubt ratchet up tensions with Beijing and put us on a path to a possible war with the Peoples Liberation Army and the CCP.
Add that to the resentment millions of Americans have toward all the money being dumped in Ukraine—and it is another stone-cold-loser for Joe Biden.

Then, of course, came the hearings on Capitol Hill with former business partners of Hunter Biden taking questions from the oversight committee and painting the entire Biden family as dishonest and corrupt.

This also lowers Joe Biden’s numbers and further fuels America’s desire to see Donald Trump back in the White House.