With the rematch between the current President Joe Biden and the former President Donald Trump all but certain now, the Democrats are in a very public panic, and you can see it just about anywhere you look.

Both Biden and Trump cruised to nationwide victories on Super Tuesday. It led Nikki Haley to finally bow out, and so did a couple of no-name Democrats—none of which would have had any impact on the run to the White House.

So, that sets the stage for Trump/Biden 2, but of course, the dynamic is very different because Americans can now compare and contrast where we were in 2020 and where we are today. For Biden, there is almost nothing anyone can point to and say, “Hey, isn’t this great?”
Because the answer is a resounding no!

Of course, because of Trump’s political resurrection, the craziest things are being said on The View, CNN, and by our friends who escaped supervised treatment over at MSNBC. Nicolle Wallace, for example, thinks America itself will become a threat to the global world order if Trump is elected. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool. But why are they like this?

Well, it’s the numbers, of course. The first one is Joe Biden’s advanced age and rapid decline, which can be seen by everyone and is a leading reason why he is being rejected across the nation by voters in just about every demographic. It appears that Trump is picking off Biden voters and not vice versa.
That is completely in contrast to what the Democrats and their media lapdogs want you to believe. They want you to think that somehow, Trump voters from four years ago and now Haley voters will flood in with support for Biden.

But that is the line they keep pushing and will continue to push for months to come—I mean, what else do they have?

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But that kind of hysteria is mild compared to what some pundits are spewing in their nationally televised anxiety attacks. CNN’s Van Jones argued that if Biden does not practically beg for Nikki Haley voters to swing his way, it will guarantee a full-scale European war.

And with each passing day, it becomes more clear that traditional Democrat voting blocs are going away.
Among young people—Donald Trump is leading.
Among Hispanic voters—Donald Trump is leading.

Among Black voters, no, Trump is not leading here, but there has been a mass migration away from Biden. KJP blamed this on some Americans not “figuring out” what’s happening.

And now the latest question—will Joe Biden’s handlers allow him to be shredded by Donald Trump on stage? They are letting him go out to attempt the State of the Union address later tonight, but a debate with the former President will likely never happen. Biden’s people consistently dodged the questions, which is a sign.

I explained a moment ago that there has been a major role reversal because people can ask themselves if they are better off today than when Donald Trump was still in the Oval Office.
They can examine various factors, including Bidenomics, the border, and the candidate Biden himself.

With Super Tuesday behind us, it will be just a couple more weeks before Donald Trump officially wraps up the nomination and is coronated in Milwaukee. That has been pretty clear for the last year now—and with all the great polling numbers, including a sizeable lead in every major swing state, the Trump Train is rolling, and that’s clear to everyone now.