We’ve heard about it before. It’s called universal basic income income or guaranteed basic income. Whatever you want to call it, it’s “free money” that Democrats want to hand out to their lazy constituents in exchange for votes.

Guaranteed income is a popular Democrat handout for their voting base.

It’s even going on in Michigan. In Flint, they are paying moms, no matter their income, a $1,500 payment mid-pregnancy and then $500 per month after that for the first year of their child’s life.

In Ann Arbor, 100 low-income entrepreneurs are getting $528 per month for two years under the “Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor” pilot program.

Free money is not just for Americans anymore.

However, now we have Minnesota Democrats taking it a step farther. You don’t even have to be a U.S. citizen to get free taxpayer dollars in their state.

Yes, some very general Minnesota House of Representative politicians are championing a “basic income program” that will provide monthly cash to folks regardless of citizenship status.

Female Democrats are often behind these kinds of taxpayer-funded “freebies” being handed out.

The bill was sponsored by all Democrats, five of the six being female.

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Last Tuesday, the Children and Families Committee gave a thumbs up to the program to move the bill ahead to its next step which means going to the Human Services Finance Committee.

The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Athena Hollins (D-St. Paul), says it will promote “increased opportunity” and points to 80 other basic income bills that are happening out in the rest of the country. It certainly will.

The grand plan is to sprinkle bills like confetti and inviting all of their “undocumented migrant” friends to the party.

Cool cash for cool folks who don’t want to have to work.

Minnesota is looking to hand out at least $500 a month for up to two years to folks they deem “eligible.” Translation: whoever they want.

And where’s this treasure trove coming from, you ask? Well, from the state’s piggy bank, of course. They’re planning to snatch a cool $100 million from the state general fund in 2025 because, hey, who needs roads or schools when you can have a money shower for deadbeats and foreigners who will vote for you someday?

So the time is now to start packing your bags for the Land of 10,000 Handouts if you’ve just been flown into the country by the Biden administration and you’re looking for a new home. Or if you are a deadbeat American who doesn’t want to work.

Come one, come all. And the Democrats REALLY do want EVERYONE to come to America.

Democratic State Representative Athena Hollins is insisting that EVERYONE should get a piece of he Minnesota pie. Yes, forget about legality. If you’re part of the “community,” you can partake in the cash grab. Just show up and tell them that you’re poor (and want to vote for Democrats).

It really doesn’t matter if you are a Russian, Iranian, Haitian, or even a North Korean…whatever. There is no discrimination in Minnesota.

And then it’s “welcome to America” – currently a messed up social experiment by Democrats where spineless Republicans (excluding former President Trump) are mostly powerless to stop anything that they are doing. But only by choice – as Trump showed us when he was in the Oval Office.