Congress is delving into a concerning matter: whether the IRS is exploiting artificial intelligence to pry into the financial affairs of Americans according to Just the News.

With Democrats who will use every resource at their fingertips to spy on us and try to send us to jail, I think we all know the answer to this inquiry without even starting an investigation.

Unconstitutional surveillance operation.

This probe was sparked by revelations from an undercover recording where an IRS employee hinted at a potentially unconstitutional surveillance operation.

Shocking, right?! Not even close.

Chairman Jim Jordan and Rep. Harriet Hageman have taken action, urging Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to disclose information about the IRS’s use of AI to scrutinize bank records for potential tax evasion.

This isn’t the first time.

This move follows the Committee’s prior scrutiny of the FBI’s acquisition of Americans’ bank records, including those of January 6th suspects, without proper legal procedures.

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Say it ain’t so. You mean the Democrats were unlawful and unconstitutional? Another shocking revelation (not).

What’s really going on here, in all likelihood, is that the Democrats now have even more powerful tools to go after more of their political enemies at an even faster pace than ever before.

Who needs a warrant? Not democrats.

Hageman emphasized the growing worry among lawmakers that federal agencies are sidestepping constitutional safeguards, such as protections against warrantless searches and seizures.

Gee… you think?!

She highlighted a disturbing trend where some in government (just some?!) seem to overlook or dismiss fundamental rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

She is of course, thinking that the Democrats even CARE about the Constitution or our rights.

The congressional inquiry was instigated by the IRS’s announcement in September 2023 regarding its AI utilization to enhance tax compliance efforts. The Treasury Department has also confirmed implementing AI to combat check fraud effectively since late 2022.

Jordan and Hageman expressed concerns that the IRS and Department of Justice might be engaging in extensive monitoring of private financial transactions without legal authorization.

But who’s gonna stop them? No one.