The United States government collected about $5 trillion last year through the Internal Revenue Service. $5 trillion is by far the most money ever collected by any government in history.

And yet, it’s not nearly enough. During his angry outbursts in last week’s State of the Union tirade, Biden said that there are several different ways we have to increase revenue, and that means cranking up taxes. He seemed to like the idea of jumping the amount it collects by 20 to 25 percent.

That would push the amount of money flowing into the US government’s coffers to an eye-popping $6.3 trillion—give or take a few hundred billion, one way or the other.

And what is so remarkable to me is that $6.3 trillion is nowhere near enough to cover the bills that Joe Biden wants to stick you, me, and everyone else with while keeping the door open to millions of illegals, keeping inflation high and demanding we send another hundred billion or so to Ukraine for an unwinnable war in a place that we have no interest.

That’s right, $5.5 trillion is short of what Old Yeller wants in the piggyback. In fact, he wants a whole lot more to squander on everything under the sun and more.

Yesterday, Joe Biden took the veil off his new budget that he has proposed at $7.3 trillion. Let that number roll around for a moment or two.

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And how is that going to be possible? Well, for starters, by drilling the high earners in this country and by placing an arbitrary 25% tax on all billionaires.

Sadly, that will not get the job done—and even though the budget claims it would cut taxes for anyone earning less than $400,000 a year, you and I both know that is not possible.

Grandpa’s budget calls for tax hikes of $5 trillion over ten years.

But let’s work this out—you’re already a trillion dollars in the hole. If you can reach $5.5 trillion in revenue, you are still $1.8 trillion deeper in debt every year—which would be a miracle considering right now we are taking on an unbelievable $3 trillion-plus a year in new national debt every year single year.

And the giveaways—well, they are all over the place.

Let’s see, bigger tax credits for parents—nearly $10,000 for home buyers—free pre-K for all kids, so they could get a jump start on gender theory and climate change education—
Let’s see: We have $850 billion in defense spending and $62 billion for Homeland Security—but get this: less than $12 billion for border and immigration!

$82 billion for education—including another $12 billion in student loan forgiveness.

The Justice Department got $38 billion—most of which will be directed at destroying Donald Trump, his family, friends, and anyone who dared shake his hand since January 6, 2021.

Climate change is in there for several billion more. Don’t forget the jack-booted climate thugs pounding on people’s doors, 50,000 of them—all of whom will be getting lodging, transportation, clothing, a living allowance, health benefits, and a lot more. This comes in at about $10 billion—and these Green Zombies will be wearing the ClimateCorps uniforms like any good little Nazis.

And the corporate media machines continue to push out the same discredited narrative—almost like they were paid to do it or something.

I am sure that small businesses that struggle with finding enough young workers will be thrilled to send higher tax payments to Washington so they can send them over to demand they turn off the AC in July.

Oh, and there is more—like 12 weeks of paid family leave and shoring up Social Security, but we don’t have a price tag on that, and there are no specifics. But I am sure it’s all fine, and they have it all figured out!

I trust them, don’t you? Biden promises that no one making under $400,000 will pay any more in taxes.

It is just not credible to spend $7.3 trillion and claim that the only ones paying taxes are the rich people. I believe $400,000 a year is doing pretty well in most places around the country, but maybe I am missing something.

What’s weird about this asinine budget proposal is that the Joe Biden of a few years ago would never have supported this kind of financial suicide. Senator Biden wanted to freeze spending, including Social Security.

Oh, and did I mention the billions of dollars being earmarked for illegals that have flooded into the country?

Well, of course, there is. Lots and lots of stuff for the people that Joe and the Democrats are getting in any way they can.

Those numbers will also explode because with less than $12 billion for the border, why should we expect it to get any better in the coming years?

And another history lesson today, if I may, because Barack Obama was among those staunchly opposed to allowing the flood of humanity into our neighborhoods.

And despite Old Yeller screaming at us last week during the State of the Union, Americans are rejecting the existential threat that is an open border.

And the real question is, how many people have to be killed and otherwise victimized before this is all rejected across the board?

But Joe says he is ready to make some changes—he says we need an orderly process at the border.

I will bet you two scoops of ice cream that he doesn’t even remember saying that!