In a stunning revelation, the Biden administration has reluctantly spilled the beans on its clandestine human trafficking operation, flying a whopping 320,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. under the radar. Although we knew that he was flying illegal aliens all over the country after they invade our country at the open borders, we didn’t know that the Biden mob bosses have been bringing them in directly from foreign airports.

For those of you skeptical of my use of the term “human trafficking,” here is the definition from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor).

Organized? Yes, Criminal activity? Yes. These are illegal aliens who the government is unlawfully aiding and abetting to invade our country. Treated as possessions? Definitely. To be controlled and exploited? Damn straight.

The corrupt Biden administration and his pals, of course, won’t tell us where these secret flights are landing or coming from, citing “national security vulnerabilities.”

The only vulnerability the Democrats ACTUALLY have is getting voted out of power for their corrupt insanity. Because they don’t like the optics of people in cages and zillions of illegals invading the country (which is only being reported by Fox News and their drones), they have decided that their only remedy is to put the illegal aliens on buses and airplanes, hide them in holding areas and then transport them all around the country.

Democrats, busted on human trafficking operation, refuse to say where foreigners are going to and coming from.

CBP’s refusal to disclose the airport locations might sound like a suspense thriller, but their reasoning is straight out of a spy movie. They claim revealing this crucial information could lead to “bad actors” causing harm to public safety or exploiting “operational vulnerabilities.” What a load of crap. It’s the Democrat Party that is exploiting illegal aliens for political gain – and at any cost. At any cost to the illegal aliens AND the American people.

We are already having a problem with “public safety” because of the massive foreign invaders coming into our communities. That problem, however, is of no concern to the Democrats.

Billions in taxpayer dollars is funding Democratic voting/human trafficking operation.

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It’s a game of hide and seek, but with consequences for the entire nation as we see every day as the illegal aliens line our streets, take our taxpayer-funded resources and wage a war on American citizens with the help of the Democrat party.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been tight-lipped about the program that has been chartering flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, bypassing the chaos at the southern border and delivering them directly to U.S. cities.

Easy-peasy human trafficking app. from our government helps foreigners invade country.

It’s a a VIP service for illegal aliens who have no legal right to enter the country, all thanks to the magic of a cell phone app. Move over, Uber; CBP One is the real disruptor in town.

With the Biden administration expanding their CBP One app, illegal aliens are allowed to apply for asylum in their home countries with the touch of a button. Once approved, they are whisked away on secret flights to the land of the free, given a two-year golden ticket to sort out their legal status. It’s a migration magic show, and the disappearing act is top-notch.

But wait, there’s more…yes, it’s OUR hard-earned taxpayer dollars that is paying for all of this. So instead of that money going to veterans or our national security or anything decent and constitutional, the Democrats are spending billions on illegal aliens (future Democrat voters) so they can usher in as many as they can before Trump takes office again.

In the midst of all this cloak-and-dagger drama, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning their air force operation has spilled the beans on their secretive flights.

Here, there and everywhere. Illegal aliens dispersed all over the country.

The Center for Immigration Studies uncovered that CBP approved these mysterious flights, touching down in at least 43 American airports from January to December 2023. Yes, it’s a jet-setting tour for illegal aliens, compliments of Uncle Sam.

And CBP’s lawyers are keeping a tight lid on the foreign airports where these illegal aliens are jetting in from. It’s a global game of hide and seek, leaving us in the dark about the origins of these flying guests. The eligible countries for CBP One applications include Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The Biden administration’s immigration hocus-pocus is a well-coordinated operation that magically summons illegal aliens, as if they materialize out of thin air. And so will vote for Democrats as soon as they are able to pass mass amnesty and voting rights for their foreign friends.

The only certainty in this circus is the deliberate concealment surrounding the specifics. With the Democrats, it’s safe to assume that what we know currently is actually only the tip of the iceberg.