Another day, there is more evidence that Joe Biden is not equipped to lead this country to the ice cream parlor, let alone on the world stage.

Joe Biden has failed this nation both domestically and on the world stage.

I know we talk about this every day. Still, this nation is rudderless right now, especially compared to the real presidents who led this nation, the men who put everything on the line and declared that protecting America was the most important thing we could do.

We need real leaders in America again—and it has never been more important than today.

It is time to reflect momentarily on how far we have fallen from the leaders who once believed in America above all else. Presidents who believed in America First, and by that virtue, we lifted the world up over and over again.

This Republic stands unparalleled in the annals of history for spreading liberty and human rights. Yes, we have made mistakes, but we had leaders who were willing to take charge and go forward no matter how daunting the challenges were before us.

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These men were strong leaders, most of them in recent decades. Even the ones I didn’t agree with were still ones I respected on most days.

But that veneer began to ebb away when personal goals were put above everything else. The integrity of the office of the President of the United States began to be less important than personal achievement and political victories.
There was a time when, no matter what political party you were in, we could all agree that America came first—just ask JFK.

There was pride in America, an America on the front end of a decade of change, a time when we would rise to our higher ideals of freedom, equality, and liberty.

There was a time when Americans came together in common cause because we understood that freedom of thought, expression, religion, and self-determination were the foundational principles of our nation.

Those things were taught in the public schools before the unions and progressive teachers infiltrated our institutions of learning and perverted the truth about who we are.

We are a nation of hard-working people of every color and every race.

America is the most diverse and equitable large nation on earth—just look around! 

How much diversity is there in China or India? No nation on earth has more people and religions practicing openly than America—there is no more diversity in any nation than the one we call home.

Anyone who dares to say otherwise is either ignorant or dishonest or both.

Are we perfect? No, we are not, but we have the foundation to keep striving for perfection if this cancer eating us from the inside can be stopped.
No country on earth provides more economic opportunities to its people than the United States of America. Our success has rippled the world over—giving other nations success, freedom, and hope.

Is there more to do? Yes, of course, there is, but to make 
America, out to be the villain, is obscene and beyond the pale.

There was a day when American Presidents were the envy of the world. They were bold and formidable, and they didn’t ask permission from a reporter to answer a question.

When America was threatened or attacked—whether we liked the person in the White House or not—we all came to rally behind our country when we all put America First.

There was a day that we had confidence. If the phone rang at three in the morning, the person who would answer the call was ready to protect us, the American citizens.

Today, I don’t have that confidence. I don’t believe Joe Biden can do the job—at any level—and it gives me no satisfaction to say so.

We have all seen Joe Biden lose a step. He isn’t even the guy who ran for President—his decline is obvious and dangerous.

On Capitol Hill Tuesday, instead of admitting the truth about how far Biden has faded, Democrats, in their desperate bid to cling to power, kept trying to attack the man who investigated the President for his illegal possession of classified documents dating back decades.
Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report a few weeks ago in which he made it clear that Joe Biden was a sympathetic elderly man with a bad memory—and for that reason, he didn’t pursue any charges because he thought it would be difficult to convince a jury that he was still competent to stand trial.

And there was a lot more going on in the weeks leading up to the release of the report and Hur’s appearance on Capitol Hill. It turns out that the White House tried to have the report changed before it was released.

And the longer Hur was on the stand, the harder it was for Democrats to cling to the idea that the old man did nothing wrong. We kept learning more about how egregious his behavior was. He had classified documents in plenty of locations, not just in the garage.

The last question is, “Why did he do it?” Some say because he had an $8 million book deal he was working with a ghostwriter to whom he bragged about having top secret documents after he originally declared publicly he did not.

And that leaves me wanting real leadership in America again—and wondering if we will ever get it back.