While three leftist elite presidents who could care less about the “common” man and woman, and definitely not police officers, were eating their caviar and sipping their wine at a “record-breaking” star-studded fundraiser in Radio City, expected to bring in $25 million for President Dementia, former President Donald J. Trump was at a wake of a slain police officer in Massapequa, New York (by invitation).

Democratic-run country is in decline, with dangers to Americans all around.

While three leftist elite presidents who are complicit in and/or supporting a president who is complicit in the crime crisis, the border crisis, bad race relations, a bad economy, baby killing, and a war on our rights, were dining from their gold plates and congratulating each other on their greatness, Orange Man Bad was honoring fallen NYPD police officer Jonathan Diller, along with his grieving family and fellow officers who are devastated by the loss.

Diller was (allegedly) shot to death by criminal Guy Rivera, who has been arrested 21 times in the past (including for nine felonies). Officer Diller was killed after pulling a vehicle over for a routine traffic stop. Rivera, surprisingly, has actually been denied bail for his vicious crime.

Trump praises slain officer and police force.

Trump said about his visit to the funeral home, spending time with the mourners, “Police are the greatest people we have, there’s nothing and nobody like them and this should never happen. I just visited with a very beautiful wife who now doesn’t have her husband.”

Biden busy partying on Thursday. Can’t be bothered with a murdered police officer’s wake.

While three leftist elite presidents sat at their swanky tables and were entertained by Queen Latifah and Lizzo…and hung out with Stephen Colbert, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and others, Trump was hugging Diller’s family members and offering comforting words to them and Diller’s fellow officers – and other officers who had never even met Diller.

Jill Biden brags about fundraising haul.

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While Trump was comforting and supporting law enforcement and showing his compassion for what they do, Jill Biden was bragging about the money they raised at the fundraiser saying, “This is the biggest fundraiser the DNC has ever held – the fundraiser to end all fundraisers – and we’ve raised a record amount.”

YIPEE… very important stuff for the Democrats.

More destruction of the country promised by Chuck Schumer.

One of the scariest things said during the fundraiser was Schumer telling everyone “You ain’t seen nothing yet” if Biden, Jeffries and Schumer are in control of the government after the November election.

And even though Trump has little time to do much except show up in court because the Democrat Party has been targeting him with election interference, he MAKES THE TIME for important things. He supports America and our police. The three leftist elitist presidents don’t support anything except themselves, their own wealth and power.

Fox News talks with Trump after attending wake.

Talking with Trump after he attended the wake was Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Trump’s jet.

Trump talked about Diller’s wife and the rest of the family by saying, “Stephanie’s incredible and they wanted me to be there and I wanted to be there and I came in from Florida. And what a family. The Diller family. They lost a hero really, just a hero. They’re devastated. The family is devastated. The police force is devastated. The whole country feels this way. It’s happening more and more and it’s really a lack of respect for law and order. And we have to have law and order back in our country. This can’t happen. This was a brutal murder…”

“This should not have happened,” Trump told Kilmeade. He added that they drove for miles and miles and saw a long blue line of “men and women in blue” paying their respects to Diller including firefighters.

Trump defends law enforcement and says the current situation is unsustainable.

Trump sadly said, “It’s getting worse and worse for police because we’re not taking care of them. We’re not allowing them to do their job properly….this shouldn’t be happening in this country”

And even though Biden was only about an hour away from the funeral home on “fundraiser day”, he couldn’t be bothered to go to Diller’s wake – or even call the family to offer his condolences, according to Trump.

“It’s a moment that they have to be a part of” Trump said – “whether they like it or not.”

Trump added that Biden would have been able to make the short trip to Massapequa very easily if he wanted to.

“This country is going to hell,” Trump concluded.