Former President Donald J. Trump, legally allowed by the Supreme Court to grace the presidential ballots all across the country, couldn’t resist the urge to hold court at his Mar-a-Lago playground on Monday.

The speech appeared to be unscripted and Trump let loose on the corrupt president during the anti- Biden extravaganza.

A campaign rally for the ages.

In a brilliant move, Trump turned his media coverage into a campaign speech, much to the chagrin of CNN, who covered it until the dreaded Q&A session. Promptly, they cut him off, citing the need to “fact check” him, because, well, everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is pure fiction.

The CNN crusaders weren’t thrilled with Trump’s suggestion that Biden should handle the border mess himself, sans Congress. They also took issue with Trump’s claim that White House-backed prosecutions were in full swing.

But everyone knows that the REAL truth was coming from Trump and not CNN.

The never-Trumpers are desperate.

The anti-Trump brigade, a formidable army of Democrats, RINOs and anti-Trumpers, has been throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) at the Trumpster for years – with an eye on removing him from presidential contention.

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Media, local and state governments, secretaries of states, governors, attorneys general, Biden’s squad, Obama’s crew, Clinton’s posse, intelligence agencies, DOJ, FBI, CIA – you name it. It’s all hands on deck with the weasels desperately trying to knock Trump out of the presidential race.

But what choice do they have? It must be tough when you’re stuck with a corrupt, inept, and mentally challenged candidate who won’t leave.

A plethora of topics were discussed with Trump holding court.

So, while Trump had the nation’s attention on cable TV on Monday, discussing the Supreme Court’s decision, he cunningly transformed the occasion into a full-blown campaign monologue: Border issues, presidential immunity, tax cuts, ISIS – he covered it all.

Trump also delved into the world of rogue prosecutors and judges, blaming President Biden for orchestrating all of his arrests and prosecutions. According to Trump, “I’m being prosecuted by Biden, my opponent.”

Fani Willis, Bragg (Alvin), Mark Pomerantz – they’re all players in this coordinated circus, with a supporting cast from Biden’s DOJ. Special Counsel Jack Smith doesn’t escape unscathed either, as Trump labeled him deranged, mean, nasty, and unfair.

Trump tells cowardly Biden to play fair.

In a direct plea to Biden, Trump exclaimed, “President Biden…stop weaponization. Fight your fight yourself. Don’t use prosecutors and judges to go after your opponent to try to damage your opponent so you can to win an election. Our country’s much bigger than that.”

And on the topic of the border crisis, Trump didn’t hold back, urging Biden to slam the border shut pronto. According to Trump, the current situation is “violent,” with people dying left, right, and center – from the journey to the border and beyond. He even threw in an estimate of 25 million people crossing, hinting at an impending apocalypse.

Trump’s advice: rule as he did.

But fear not, Trump had a solution – executive orders. Just like the good old days when he ran the show. “Close the borders!” he urged, reminding Biden that his policies were golden. According to Trump, “Everyone said it.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats (and Nikki Haley) are gaslighting everyone and painting a picture of chaos, death, destruction, and the demise of democracy if Trump reclaims the throne.

Americans are tired of the chaos, insecurity and crap going on under Biden.

Really?! What about the chaos we’re CURRENTLY enjoying with the border crisis, crime, a depletion of our armed forces and supplies, a suppression of our constitutional rights and due process, and inflation that only seems in check due to some impressive credit card swiping.

Alas, the Democrats’ grand plans seem to be unraveling. Lawsuits, lies, gaslighting – it’s all falling apart at the seams. But don’t worry, they have a toolbox full of backup plans, because when in doubt, plot some more.

Because of this, in a rallying cry on Truth Social, Trump reminded his supporters that a BIG win is essential. “We want a landslide that is TOO BIG TO RIG!” he declared after clinching victories in Missouri, Idaho, and Michigan.