The spineless Republican leadership in the US Senate and House means that someday soon, we are going to look back on these days fondly.

Why, you ask?

Because sadly, these days will, in the not-too-distant future, be The Good Old Days.

There is no real organized opposition anymore. The Democrats are well on their way to controlling every lever in government—and the weak-willed, feckless weasels that called themselves Republicans but were, too often, self-serving parasites will be the ones to blame.

When this country slides completely over the edge into a complete socialist disaster, it will be the pontificating blowhards in Washington to blame.

In a predictable fashion, they will take no responsibility at all. They will rationalize, equivocate, and point the finger at everyone else—they will be blameless.

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They will cash their checks and try to live long enough to enjoy it. But make no mistake, these are the good old days, and real problems, like you have never seen, are not far away.

And the reasons are clear and simple. First, there is not an organized opposition party—the Republicans cannot even get on the same page to close the border.

I was going to lay out a list of what would be gone in just the next ten years. I was going to put the border on the list, but that, my friends, is already gone and gone by design. The flood of millions of illegal aliens not only into America but into all the English-speaking Western nations is clearly by design—and there is obviously no plan to stop it now or ever.

We are entering the middle stages of a post-constitutional America. That is obvious when the Secretary of Homeland Security can come to Congress and lie without any consequences at all, claiming the border is secure when everyone knows it’s not. We have seen the number of illegals coming into the country in just three years skyrocket from 400,000 a year to 3.2 million or more.

I remember listening to Dr Michael Savage preaching for years about language, borders, and culture and thinking, well, that will take decades—and yet here we are, well ahead of schedule!

The America we all grew up in is already gone—and soon, it will be a distant memory at best.

As they say, the die is cast, and this is the path we are on. I am sorry, but today, I am not optimistic that these Republican clowns have any idea how to get us back on track.

They have no plan, no principles, and no path forward. They are utterly useless right now in pursuit of better policies.

Not only has the invasion at the border exploded to millions every single year, but the current administration also claims they are powerless to stop it—which is a lie. If Governors can stop the invasion, presidents can damn well stop it too.

Like I said, that’s not the only thing that has exploded. The national debt has exploded from $5 Trillion in 2009 to $35 Trillion today—and it’s expected to continue out of control with no plan to shut it down.  
We are expected to race past $50 Trillion in national debt by 2030 and maybe sooner.

By 2030. The same year that the globalists want to take control of everything. At that point, they just might. Within a few years of 2030, maybe by 2040, the US debt will scream past $100 Trillion.

And in less than 25 years, several forecasts say our debt will be over 200% of GDP. By then, we will be paying more than $60 Trillion annually in interest alone to our friends, the Chinese, and several other countries that will hold sway over us.

So, what the hell, leave the border open, and we can become the biggest third-world country in the world much faster. Just get high, play some video games, and enjoy the ride.

Of course, long before we get to that catastrophic amount of insurmountable debt, we will have lost a lot more.

AI will be instrumental in clamping down completely on free speech, and the algorithms will be tuned in to make sure everyone is on the same page—literally!

Reading, listening, and seeing the same approved messages from people far away. The First Amendment will be alive only in our memories—failing to obey will result in heavy penalties, including fines and jail time.

By then, the US Constitution will barely be a shadow of itself—most of it declared unconstitutional.

You see, by then, the Democrats and the globalists—which are melding into one and the same—will have dictated the outcome of numerous elections to create one-party control, stripping Americans of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion as the Bible will be officially declared a book of hate speech and banned in most places.

Of course, our last line of defense against most of this will have died along with Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito—the last two Supreme Court Justices who even gave a hint of a conservative swing to the court. Democrats will move in quickly and pack the court up to about 15 associate justices to make sure it is more theologically in line with the demands of the socialist masters.

Your car won’t be running because you won’t have one—those could be fully illegal in 10 years or so. Take a look around your house today and enjoy the appliances you have—many of those won’t be here anymore, either. They will be banned one at a time—in the name of progress.

Sure, the Democrats backed off on the outrageous idea that gas stoves should be banned, but those things are only temporary. They will be back with a vengeance, and soon—their assault on freedom and their appetite for power knows no limits.

That is how they will systematically eliminate everything you have that makes your existence comfortable. After all, you greedy Americans are destroying Mother Earth with your self-centered behavior—it’s time you helped with the common good.

I don’t really need to address guns and the Second Amendment—they are well on the way to outlawing all private ownership of guns right now. They only back off for a moment here and there—and trust me, that is for show.
They keep eating away at your God-given rights. They don’t even believe in God anyway, so why would they care about your rights? And the clock on private citizens owning guns is running out fast.

I only give private gun ownership two years after the left decimates the Supreme Court, and I expect that to happen before 2030. Again, how convenient for those with a plan for your future and everyone else! 

Anyone who dares keep a gun will be branded a criminal and punished with severe penalties. By then, hunting and fishing will also be heavily restricted, if not banned outright as well.

Every year, you will see your rights diminished and the power of the WEF, WHO, UN, and others expanding exponentially. You can bank on it—you will do as you’re told, and there will be no exceptions!

Speaking of banks, you won’t be needing one of those much longer as the Central Bank Digital Currencies will be replacing cash. In fact, that has already started, like so many of the things I have already outlined today.

Every nickel, or farthing, or whatever they call the new world currency will be controlled by China. It will be tracked, taxed, monitored, and you will be told what you can and cannot buy, and you will also be told when you can buy anything. Much of that will be under the banner of stopping crime like robberies and drug dealing—but those things will certainly continue.

Of course, when you sit down to dinner, you will see some pale vegetables grown in sub-standard operations that will give you just enough to get by. But you will not enjoy it. It will be bland and tasteless—and of course, after they finish their war on farms, farmers, and farming, there will be zero meat for you.

Again, this will all be done in the name of progress, directed by the ever more powerful central planners—who, by the way, will eat meat, drive private vehicles, and enjoy many other opulent perks because they must understand how things work to make sure they can make the best decisions for everyone else.

There will be no morality—the whole “everything goes attitude” will have expanded. Kids will be able to see pornography at five and get sex change procedures at that age, too, until those in charge determine they have sufficiently controlled everyone.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out there will not be any private property at all because the only way to arrive at a socialist utopia is to end all private ownership.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy!

That is the mantra of the WEFFERS—they want complete and unadulterated control, and they get that by controlling everything.

This is what I call the ghosts of socialists present and socialists future.

It’s what Dickens would have written had he seen the cesspool we are all finding ourselves in right now, with power-hungry elitists and globalists clawing at the power structure every single day.
Everything seems ok at the moment—you can go to the store, and there is food on the shelf, the gas station is open, and things look normal for the most part.
But things are not as they appear—and things are far from normal. The whole pandemic exercise was exactly that, an exercise—and now they have ironed out a few of the wrinkles and gotten rid of some of the bumps in the road.

We are being invaded, our currency is getting destroyed, and our nation is being dragged into at least one war—soon, maybe more than one. Again, I don’t believe that any of this is by accident. It all seems very coordinated. Soon, we could see the great war I feared when I was young but thought no longer possible after Reykjavik. It appears I was a bit too optimistic.

And I strongly suggest that you find alternative information sources while you still can.

Listen to people like Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson. Really listen to what they are telling you and understand your God-given rights and freedoms. They are under attack in ways I never thought would be possible in The United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

Others are worth listening to as well. Listen to Elon Musk and Joe Rogan and get alternative perspectives from people you may not agree with on everything but who agree with you that our freedoms are in jeopardy.

This doesn’t have to be the future, but unless we can find a way to get off the road to ruin, we are in deep trouble.
Oh, one more thing, Mitch McConnell, please resign and take James Lankford with you! Right now, John Fetterman appears to be doing a better job!

Think about that!