The relentless assault on the US Constitution and the American experiment continues this week, and it looks like it could be getting worse if you can believe it.

We are learning that soon, it will be illegal for you to sell a gun, any gun, to another private citizen if you don’t have permission from the government. That’s right, the ATF is about to release a new rule, 1,300 pages long, that will virtually ban all transfers of firearms between private citizens. Doing so would be a felony. According to whistleblowers inside the administration, this rule was dictated right out of the White House.

I will dig into this misguided attack on law-abiding Americans in more detail in just a moment.

But honestly—are you surprised to hear that at all?

We are witnessing a complete dismantling of all the political and social norms in America, and it is accelerating at a mind-numbing speed.

The world is changing so fast, and the Constitution is ignored so often that it’s hard to believe it’s still in effect.

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Let’s go through a list of things that should really be concerning to all Americans:

The open border is the easiest thing to point out. Our leaders have an obligation to defend and protect us. We are, after all, US citizens, and they took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution—but most of them didn’t really mean it.

What else could I conclude?
The Constitution’s Article 4 Section 4 specifically points out that a state is allowed to defend itself against invasion—and yet when Texas began to exercise that right, the Biden Administration sued, and in a jaw-dropping decision, the Supreme Court agreed 5-4.

This isn’t even a close call. States have the right to defend themselves, and none of the states, not one, would have ever agreed to lay down their arms and allow themselves to be defenseless. But John Roberts, the biggest conservative fraud in recent memory on the high court, was able to convince another faux conservative, Amy Coney Barrett, to go along with the indefensible decision.

In a landmark case on the First Amendment, the Supreme Court will hear a case accusing the Biden Administration of colluding with Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to censor and delete information it didn’t want the public to see, hear, and read.

I don’t trust the court based on its reckless decisions that come down on an all too regular basis, but I do hold out hope that the high court can at least understand that Freedom of Speech means the government cannot control what people say and write—even if they think is so-called misinformation or disinformation.

Of course, this case comes out of the pandemic, when the government was working overtime to shut down any narrative that was in opposition to the official line. You know, vaccines are great, Covid did not come from a lab in Wuhan, and Tony Fauci can certainly be trusted on anything he says—all of which turned out to be false.
The government was not only directly pushing social media companies and so-called news networks to regurgitate their talking points. In some cases, they had direct access to censor people and cancel them without being delayed by pesky employees at those companies asking questions.

My problem is that I actually believe in the US Constitution and believe that after the Holy Bible, it is the single most important thing ever written! An earth-shattering document that proclaimed the rights of the individual, of the citizen, above the government!

I don’t want the government telling me where to work, what to wear, where to drive, what to eat, what to read, what to say, or what to think. In fact, I don’t want much of anything from the government.

I will give you a short list of what I want from the government.

I want the nation defended against enemies, foreign and domestic, so yes, I want a strong and vibrant military. I want it well-funded and free from political interference.

I want a good local police department and a fire department, too—and for these things, I am more than willing to pay “my fair share in taxes” to make sure those things are taken care of.

The same goes for roads, bridges, and other necessary infrastructure. There are some other things, but I do not want the government involved in my day-to-day life 24 hours a day, dictating every small detail and billing me for the excesses of their reckless imaginations when it comes to spending.
For the most part, I would like to be left alone to pursue my dreams and my passions, and I want to be in control of the fruits of my labor.

I support the legal and tort systems so that I can work out both criminal and civil matters in a structured way—but that is about it.

However, as you well know, these people think they should have the power to tell you how to do everything—and if you refuse or resist, they want the power to take your freedom in every sense of the word.

The freedom to eat meat, to drive a car, to use a furnace, to plant crops, to worship God—yeah, they really hate that one and have been mocking it for years. It’s okay; God forgives them even when I have a tough time.

What other norms are being turned upside down?

Well, I hear the Biden Administration is ready to recognize a Palestinian State—one that doesn’t even exist at the moment and never has. It’s what the greatest leader of the 20th century would have called appeasement.

And who do I think was the greatest leader of the 20th century? Why Winston Churchill, of course. If Roosevelt or Truman had listened to Churchill’s warnings about Russia and China, they would not be what they are today.

Of course, George Patton and Douglas MacArthur also told Truman and Eisenhower how to handle Russia and China, respectively, but were also ignored.

Those three men were spot on, but I digress.
A good friend of mine said about three years ago, just as the pandemic was racing into its second year, that the world would change more in the next ten years than in the last 10,000—boy, was he right.

Think about the AI surrounding us now. We are under surveillance around the clock—don’t be fooled. They can find just about any one of us in about 10 seconds—and they can turn on cameras and microphones. We can fight back to a point, but only so far, and they are tightening their grip every day.

That’s why they are going to gut the Second Amendment as soon as possible and shut down the civilian purchase of ammunition from the largest ammo plant in America in Missouri.

I am not really sure where we were going today. I needed to get all that off my chest—and I feel better now.

I will never give up. I will never go quietly, and we may lose some more critical battles, but we may win some, too. Look at what the farmers are doing in France, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, and now England.

Ordinary people can reject the overlords and the likes of the WEF. The more we fight, the longer we can hang on to the greatest nation ever conceived.

Thank you for the therapy session.