None of this is happening by accident.

Everything you see was put on the fast track by Barack Obama in January 2009, and it has been going faster ever since, except for a short respite from 2017 through 2021. This whole effort to “fundamentally change America,” as Obama promised, has been ongoing and is picking up steam.

This includes discussions to give the United Nations and the World Health Organization unprecedented control and power over the United States and 190 other countries worldwide.
It includes ending cash as we know it, installing Central Bank Digital Currencies, and removing the US dollar as the world reserve currency.
It means surrendering your rights more every day to the globalists and watching as the US Constitution fades into the background more with each passing year.

Every bit of this is by design—it’s not an accident!

And how do I know? They have been telling us in clear, unambiguous language the entire time! You can look up the United Nations’ plans for Agenda 2030. You will own nothing and be happy—that is the bottom line takeaway.
You should believe them when they tell you what they will do.
The World Health Organization also outlines exactly what it plans to do on its website—including having almost universal control over what happens when it declares a pressing health threat.
And yes—they also proclaim that a world without borders is the world they are pursuing—so when you see the open border and wonder how this is happening, it’s because this is what they want to have happen. They are pursuing it with all their might so that even if someone like Donald Trump finds their way to the White House again, it will not be able to derail the master plans that have been in place for a number of years.
Let’s review some of the things we have been told and what has come to pass so you know exactly what I am talking about when I say, “Listen to what they say they are going to do and believe them.”

Mayorkas was bragging about gutting Trump’s border policies and our border security.

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Remember, that is the guy who has appeared in front of Congress numerous times and declared the border is secure—which by any measure is a blatant lie. He is also the first cabinet member to be impeached since Reconstruction, and he told us exactly what would happen.

Secretary Mayorkas is only doing what Joe Biden told us he intended to do when he ran for President.

He promised to end the detention of illegals. And he did.

There should be no surprises here, except maybe we didn’t pay close enough attention or take him seriously, or maybe we just never thought an open border would look the way it does.

Seattle is just one example of the very high price we are being forced to pay for the globalists’ open-border agenda.

Laken Riley was killed because of these policies. A beautiful 22-year-old nursing student was beaten to death in broad daylight by an animal in our country illegally; he was arrested several times and released without any consequences until finally ending a young woman’s life on a major college campus in a sanctuary city.

But what about the people getting exploited, hurt, and killed that you never hear about?

Dr. Phil practically had The View on the floor after breaking the news to them about child smuggling on the border.

And for the people committing crimes that have come here illegally, there is nothing to worry about because nothing is ever going to happen to most of them. They can break the law and get away with it when they arrive.

Remember when they promised amnesty? They told you, didn’t they?

And the victims are just the cost of doing business for Democrats, the UN, and the rest of the globalists demanding we do as they say.

And remember, this is what they promised, so please do not be surprised when those promises are kept. As Joe Biden said, he “respect[s] no borders.”