In a recent episode of “The Steve Gruber Show,” the maestro of truth, former President Donald Trump, delighted Michigan voters with his commentary on the current commander-in-chief, Joe Biden, and why he needs to be voted out of office.

As Michigan heads to the polls for the presidential primary today, Trump spared no zinger, covering topics like energy independence, illegal immigration and Biden’s ineptness.

Biden makes Jimmy Carter look good.

Trump told Gruber, “There’s never been a president so incompetent as what we have right now.”

He added, “He (Biden) doesn’t know he’s alive. He can’t put two sentences together. Between that and wars all over the place…” The former president pointed out that Ukraine and Israel never would have been attacked under a Trump presidency if the election wouldn’t have been rigged.

The open borders are making America dangerous.

Trump also discussed the border crisis, saying, “It’s inconceivable that someone could sit back and say ‘open borders’ with the whole world pouring in. They are coming from…prisons and jails…they’re coming from mental institutions and insane asylums…They are destroying our country. They’re destroying the guts of our country.”

Trump called the illegal alien who murdered 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley an “animal” who wouldn’t have been in the country under his watch.

Biden sees poll numbers tanking, plans trip to the border to find a new ice cream place.

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Trump also mentioned that Biden is planning a trip to the border after Donald J. said that he was going. Trump told Gruber, “Biden is a chaser. He spent three years not going to the border and now I’m going…Nothing very pretty to see. It’s a disaster. It’s the worse border we’ve ever had. So now he’s coming down because I’m going down. It’s just so obvious, it’s just so crazy the way they’re running things.”

Hopefully, they have ice cream cones available at the border as Biden can hardly go anywhere without one.

Importing oil from adversaries and terrorists.

Trump didn’t hold back when it came to roasting Biden’s energy policy either saying that on the same day that President Disaster took office, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Trump told Gruber, “We have liquid gold under our feet and yet we go to Venezuela to get it.”

But who needs pipelines when you can just rely on carrier pigeons and horses?

The Trumpster also made a mockery of the Democrats’ push for everyone in the country to own electric vehicles. He said, “EVs don’t work well in cold weather and they don’t go far” adding that the country can’t build enough chargers to keep all of the EVs going.

Or Biden for that matter.