Jack Smith, the un-special prosecutor (appointed by corrupt leftist AG Merrick Garland) in Trump’s classified documents case, wants to make sure that Trump isn’t leaking any information to the media and the American people.

That’s because Smith wants to be the ONLY ONE to be able to leak information. That’s how leftists control the narrative – by controlling information.

Leaks about Trump from the Democrats are okey-dokey.

Gee, I wonder how CNN got an exclusive about a recorded Trump conversation that they say has Orange Man Bad discussing the documents? Yep, the leak had to have come from Smith or one of Smith’s “people.”

Trump wants transparency so that the public knows what is going on – but Smith wants non- transparency and things kept under seal. That way, the public can’t make their own conclusions about what really happened or how corrupt the DOJ is in targeting former President Donald J. Trump.

Trump wants transparency. Democrats want to hide evidence – even during the trial.

Trump’s attorneys are trying to unseal information not just for the public but also to fight their case. They want to compel discovery. But Smith is fighting that. How does Trump get due process in that situation? He doesn’t.

But that is what the Democrats want. Trump is different from the normal everyday citizen – even from other Republicans that the Democrats have gone after in the past. “Evil” Trump is worthy of the stripping away of all constitutional rights be it due process, the first amendment or anything else.

Trump’s attorneys ask for evidence from corrupt Biden administration.

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According to the Epoch Times, Trump attorneys have asked the court to force Smith to turn over “exculpatory, discoverable evidence in the hands of senior officials at the White House, [Department of Justice], and FBI who provided guidance and assistance as this lawless mission proceeded, and the agencies that supported the flawed investigation from its inception,” including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In a January filing, Trump’s attorney’s accused Smith and his team of taking “unprecedented steps to fuel biased press coverage and public interest in the proceedings in order to interfere with President Trump’s leading campaign for the presidency” and they argue that it’s “difficult to understand” how the case can proceed if Smith is able to hide evidence.

Election interference. Again.

But the Democrats will do whatever they need to do – until they are stopped. They will fight against anything that will make them lose to Donald J. Trump – especially during an election year.

That’s because our federal government, under Biden (Obama) and the rest of their Democrat cohorts, is totally corrupt, even when it pertains to the justice, the rule of law and the courts. They are corrupt at their very base level. It’s how they operate as a default setting – and they don’t mind if it filters down to the rest of us either.