If Trump would stick to the important stuff and act presidential, he would easily slide into the Oval Office in the 2024 election. After all, his competition is an 82-year-old incompetent, corrupt and inept president who has ushered in an invasion at the border, massive inflation and crime just to name a few of his failures.

But Trump is Trump – and that means his mouth could cost him the presidency.

Trump continues to comment on things no one wants to hear him comment on.

When he originally ran for a spot at the Resolute Desk, he mouthed off about Rosie O’Donnell and many other things we did not care about – or want to hear him comment on. But he can’t help himself.

And now, instead of laser-focusing on the country, the border, the economy and presidential stuff, he’s talking about Taylor Swift, Nikki Haley’s husband and other B.S.

Sabotaging himself.

While some supporters admire Trump’s candor and off-the-cuff remarks, many (including me) believe that Trump is often his own worst enemy because what he says often makes him look like a total buffoon.

With Democrats and the left-wing media going after Orange Man Bad 24/7, he really doesn’t need to be giving his enemies ammunition on a silver platter.

A safer world overseas but an embarrassment at home.

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While Trump’s erratic behavior often leads to a safer world in foreign policy matters when he’s president because our dictators don’t know what the heck he’ll do in any given situation, it is crucial for Americans to feel assured that Trump is committed to supporting them and will prioritize focusing on China more than he will the Swifties.

As the ongoing presidential saga presents fresh challenges and scandals daily, coupled with the imminent prospect of another Trump/Biden election encore, Don’s communication style is poised to continue playing a pivotal role in shaping the election’s dynamics.