Bombshell reports are not bombshell reports anymore and the Democrats know it. They can lie and break laws and go against the Constitution and by the time they are exposed (usually years later), nothing happens to them.

They skate. There are no repercussions. There is definitely no jail time for anyone. No one cares what they did. Meanwhile, the country gets destroyed in the process.

Many “bombshell” reports have been happening recently.

But what is the result? Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

Did the country, as a collective, shake their fists in the air and say, “Not on my watch!”


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Did the country, as a collective, demand the resignation of President Biden or or demand investigations into our corrupt Democratic-run intelligence agencies and departments?


What have we learned recently about the corrupt and inept Democrat party?


We got confirmation that Homeland Insecurity is failing to track illegal aliens they release into our country.

We got confirmation that our corrupt president met with many of his son Hunter’s major foreign clients even though he said in the past that he didn’t.

We got confirmation that Joe Biden is about as dirty as it comes regarding his family’s foreign influence peddling schemes.

We got confirmation that the CIA was behind the Russia hoax against Trump and that they mobilized foreign countries to help them spy on Trump.

But everything is still the same today as it was before we knew all this.

Nothing will happen to the corrupt Democrats. In fact, it’s quite possible that Biden will become president again and the Democrats will have control of both the Senate and the House.

Because unless something happens that involves Taylor Swift or TikTok of coffee prices increasing, Americans just don’t care.