It looks like the Biden campaign wants Biden in the basement again during the presidential campaign That’s probably because he can’t complete a full sentence of any kind without messing it up.

And if you ask KJP about his incompetence and incoherence, she gets quite testy.

In addition to hiding from the voters, Biden is going to need to hide from Donald Trump if he wants to appear to be more presidential than the poster child for a nursing home. I think we can assume at this point, there will be no debates if Biden has his way.

Biden needs a new nickname.

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But all Trump really has to do about Biden’s no-debate strategy is bully Biden into it…call him a coward every day – give him a new nickname like “No-Show Joe” or “Scaredy-cat Joe” or “MIA Joey” or put out “Biden alerts” every day.

Maybe do a “Where’s Joe?” contest for everyone.

Yes, Trump didn’t debate the other Republicans in the primary – but why should he when he knows he’s got the nomination in the bag? He didn’t want to let the other Republicans rise to his “level” and be seen as legitimate contenders. And why give them free air time to trash you?

The Democrats aren’t giving Dean Phillips a chance.

Biden hasn’t debated the Democrats for the same reason – he’s a shoo-in. That has ended up being unfortunate for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips who could have emerged a real contestant if the Democrats gave him a chance – a better option for the voters instead of Old Man Dementia Joe.

Now that Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has suspended her presidential campaign, it’s a two person Democratic race between Biden and Philips. I’m sure Phillips has the same strategy as Haley – stay in the race as long as possible “just in case” – no matter what that “just in case” means.

So…with the election on the horizon and a corrupt and incompetent contender being offered up by the Democrat Party, Trump is chomping at the bit to debate the old man.

Trump wants to debate Biden ASAP.

Trump was doing a radio interview on the Dan Bongino Show on Monday and said he’d like to “immediately” debate the current bungler-in-chief.

Trump told Bongino, “I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country.”

It would certainly be interesting. All Biden would be talking about is insurrection. Trump would hammer him on everything else – the economy, crime, the border, classified docs in his Corvette, his son’s perversion and more.

Biden’s response to Trump’s invitation to debate was to say to reporters, “Immediately? Well, if I were him, I’d want to debate me, too. He’s got nothing else to do.”

What does that even mean? Trump has more of a full schedule than Biden does, with old man Joe’s normal schedule of getting up at 10 am, having a meeting or two and calling a “lid” for the rest of the day.

A debate every night would make Trump smile.

“How about 10 debates?” Trump said to talk show host Hugh Hewitt about debating Biden.

Although the Republican National Committee decided in 2022 to withdraw from presidential debates set up by what Trump calls the “corrupt” Commission on Presidential Debates, the former president still says he’d participate in 20 of them – even if the commission were to organize them.

Trump added about debating Biden, “I’ll do as many debates as they want. I’d do a debate every night with this guy. But he’ll never show up to a debate.”

Yes, that’s pretty much a given. The old man wouldn’t know who is he, who he’s debating or where he is – which is pretty sad considering he’s the CURRENT Commander-in-Chief.